Observations from the armchair, virtual rerun edition

I’ve always wanted to outsource to myself.


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  1. Lazy Grad


    • Russ

      Good, I hope the tell him to pass to the TE as well.

      I didn’t tune in. Does anyone know if Kirby tracks IP addresses? I’d hate to be banned.

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  2. Once we bracketed Kmet, Kelly had no answer (Reed almost had a pick 6 earlier in the game). On the last ND TD drive, the jump ball to Claypool(?) to get them inside the 10 should have been called incomplete on the field. His backside hit the sideline chalk just before the foot hit. On the ensuing TD pass, he shoved McGhee to get position … clear OPI (but that’s never called). Don’t even get me started on the Pickens jump ball in the end zone or on our last real play from scrimmage. There were at least 3 DPIs completely missed by the Almost Competitive Conference officials.

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  3. Derek

    Im glad i missed the cbs broadcast by being there.

    Gary’s criticism of CKS kicking the field goal up 20-10 and then Gary eating those words when ND gets the ball down 23-17 with 4 to play instead of 20-17 (if we didn’t make it on 4th and 1) was funny yesterday but would not have gone well live.