Blind side protection

Nothing much to see here, other than Andrew Thomas essentially stoning an expected first-round NFL pick for an entire game.

Those are going to be some mighty big shoes to fill this season.


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  1. dawgman3000

    For all of the angst about Fromm going pro, the loss of Thomas is my biggest concern. I’m gonna miss the big fella holding down the left side.


  2. I knew Thomas was going to be special from high school after seeing him live a couple of times. He was a five star talent that didn’t play the recruiting services to get the 5th star. He committed early and never wavered. I thought he would be an early contributor and wasn’t surprised when he won the RT spot. We’re going to miss the big fella. #DGD


  3. psyopdawg

    The OL was mostly brilliant last year. Especially when you consider how every opponent used a similar tactic learned from Texas in the Sugar bowl in 18. I like to think of it similar to Hack a Shaq. Everyone used it against the Lakers.


    • The problem last year was we continually ran zone read between the tackles with a QB who either didn’t want to carry the ball or was told not to carry it. When we attacked the edges where our line strength was with Thomas and Wilson, we were generally successful.


  4. Sweet D

    I don’t know shit about footwork, but I feel like that man had it. So quick laterally but also held up on the bull rush.



    Somebody fixing to get paid big.


  6. McNease

    I don’t know how every mock draft has AT being the third OT taken. About 10 days ago a commentator (don’t remember) was on ESPN Radio talking about the draft and they were talking tackles specifically. He said while he understood the excitement about the others he couldn’t see taking anyone but Thomas first after reviewing his tape. “He’s the best blocker of them all. While I understand measurables and athletic abilities the goal of this is still blocking the guy in front of you, and Andrew Thomas is the best in this class.”


    • AlphaDawg

      I’ve seen that too and I believe some of the teams are sandbagging on AT. There is not another LT in this draft with as much game tape available going against NFL talent the last 3 years as AT. And his performance against those NFL players has been stellar, add perfect measurables, character, motor etc, I just see no way he isnt the top LT taken in this draft.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      If all the talking heads have any cred, Thomas will fall to the middle of the first round – where he’ll be an absolute steal. Whomever drafts him can ease back knowing they plugged an OT slot for the next 10 years.

      The Falcons, as always, have needs elsewhere. But if they pass on Thomas, like they passed on Gurley to fill a need with Beasley, they truly are fools.


      • Tlkdawg

        Not sure how long you’ve watched the Falcons, but as a lifetime fan I can pretty much guarantee you the player they choose will 1) be a bust, 2) not be a position of need, and 3) not be from GA. Watching the Falcons in the draft is worse than a root canal


        • 123fakest

          Isn’t the guy AT is stonewalling here the same guy many “experts” are predicting the Falcons’ draft in the first round?


    • Any GM who has a true offensive tackle need (right or left) and passes on Andrew Thomas is a fool. The tape doesn’t lie. He plays in the conference with perennially the best defensive linemen and speed rushing OLBs. Rarely has he been beaten even as a freshman in a national championship game.


      • Whenever the word fool appears, nfl GM’s follows…immediately fast forward to “Johnny football”…some gm is gonna take a chance on any/somebody, i get that part of the process, do believe gm’s discount players abilities in an effort to perform some sort of “smoke and mirror” on other fools/gm’s, can’t trust ’em as far as you can see ’em…..


  7. Chi-town Dawg

    Not sure if my favorite clip was him blocking Chaisson into the ground and falling on top of him or when he and Kindley double teamed him 10 yards behind Fromm. Either way, those are some big shoes to fill. DGD


  8. Brandon M

    It’s just not fair for a human that size to be able to move that quick. I could watch that tape all day. Sure gonna miss you Mr. Thomas. Go get paid son.


  9. 86BONE

    No doubt a very high character kid with outstanding abilities who will be repping the G many years to come. It is players like Thomas that keep my head in the game, albeit occasionally, on Sundays.
    If you also watch that tape on Fromm’s footwork, setup, form, etc, one can clearly see a not very confident QB. I still scratch my head as to his digression…oh, and I have read all of your opinions, but as an ex college athlete, I can tell you that over the three to four years in college, not only do your physical skills sharpen and increase, but your mental skills and maturation explode.
    Sorry to hand the ball off to Fromm like that….


  10. 123fakest

    For the simple fact that we hardly never heard his name called for three years, tells me he is special and will be a HOFer. He will be missed.


  11. Tatum

    That was beautiful. Also, not one hold.