No offense taken.

So, Nick Saban does this interview where he discusses his new S&C coaches and a lot of folks took it as a slap at Scott Cochran because of Alabama’s distressing run of injuries last season.  Nick doesn’t need me to step in on his behalf, but I don’t see where he’s dissing Cochran at all.  In fact, it sounds like he credits Cochran with trying to get out ahead of the problem here:

“Four or five years ago, these guys were at IMG when actually some of our fourth- and fifth-year players were at IMG and heard a lot about some of the state-of-the-art sports science stuff that they were actually into and doing there, just when you’d visit in recruiting or whatever,” Saban told Gold. “I never really thought much about it, and then when we had this opportunity come up, we researched these guys and they’d done a phenomenal job at Notre Dame of eliminating injuries by something like 50 percent and even better at Indiana.

“So, when they came in and we interviewed them, there was no question that from a sports science standpoint and from a conditioning standpoint they were light-years in advance of what a lot of people have done in their programs for a long, long time, which we’ve done the same thing for a long, long time, too. And we’d actually brought some NFL people at the end of the season because we wondering if there was something that we could do to improve performance and injury prevention because we seemed like we’d gotten a lot of guys hurt this past season.

“So, we were already going down this path…

All I hear in that is Saban pumping up his new guys for going where he was already going.  He thinks he made a good hire to replace the guy who was also going where he wanted to go.  That’s it.


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5 responses to “No offense taken.

  1. Mayor

    I think I detect a diss on the previous guy too. Subtle but there.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    “…they’d done a phenomenal job at Notre Dame of eliminating injuries by something like 50 percent…”

    Do flops count as injuries? They didn’t really eliminate 50% of the injuries at Notre Dame. They just switched to being situational, on-demand injuries.


  3. Matt

    I’ve been following these guys for awhile. They are certainly the hottest names in the S&C world, so I think more than putting Cochran down he’s just gloating about a splashy hire.

    Ballou and Rhea have had some good results no doubt, but they are also pretty shameless self-promoters. How much of their reputation is based on results vs. branding is hard to say.

    I’m sure they will do a fine job at Alabama, but I think there’s good reason for skepticism particularly in regards to their claims about injury prevention which strike me as Grade A bullshit.


  4. Macallanlover

    I am one that feels Saban has a very sharp mind, doesn’t miss out on much, is proactive and kicks a lot rocks as he walks along, and is also savvy in his take on what is going one around him, and also what is coming his way. I am sure losing Cochran stung a little, so he doesn’t spend time giving Cochran any credit for what they were doing; just making sure the newbies understand what he expects.