TFW you already know what kind of year it’s going to be

Oh, yeah.

Screenshot_2020-04-21 Ranking every FBS college football team's strength of schedule

It’s all downhill from there, Boom.


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14 responses to “TFW you already know what kind of year it’s going to be

  1. Sides

    Its a shame they are not playing this season. I hate that we are going to miss Trevor Lawrence’s final year.


    • Macallanlover

      Clem’s Son has quite a habit of retaining their star players for the full 4-5 year opportunity, you may get your chance in 2021. Goldilocks hasn’t gotten that statue yet.


  2. Connor O'Keefe

    Their schedule is brutal, but they aren’t playing Alabama again. That’s our problem this year.


  3. MGW

    Yeah ground and pounding it is not going to cut it in Columbia. Must have superior athletes for that, and they never will. Not at their current trajectory.

    I guarantee the locals are keeping a close eye on what Mike Leach is able to accomplish at State (at least they should). It’s the equivalent of running the triple, but you can actually recruit to it at the same level they are now, but have a far better chance at beating better talented teams.


    • Cynical Dawg

      I don’t get all the fanboyism for Leach. He runs a gimmick offense that undermines his own defense, he loses 1-2 games a year he should win, wins 1-2 games he shouldn’t, and has never won a conference championship wherever he’s been. The last time Mississippi State won the SEC in football was 1941. He’s a clown coach with a clown system.


      • Do you realize how many pro and college teams run principles based on that “clown system”?


      • MGW

        The whole point is they should run a gimmick system. That’s how you punch above your weight, which Leach has been doing since he was at Kentucky.

        And in the year 2020, it’s a gimmick system you can actually recruit to (see senators comment below, which I thought was common knowledge around here).


  4. Jack Klompus

    Bobo better get that crayon box with the sharpener on the back.


    • Paul

      Ah, the sharpener. Man, when I was a kid I was loving life when I got a box of Crayolas with the sharpener on the back.


  5. Huntindawg

    That schedule is soul crushing. I actually feel bad for Boom.


    • CosimoMedici

      Seriously? Never feel sorry for any guy making $3 million per year coaching a kids game. And never feel sorry for Muschamp.


  6. practicaldawg

    And they say Bobo wants to go more “under center” in 2020.


  7. 123fakest

    They don’t play Bama in 2020…………..