“They said that, on the surface, we look like a good partner to investigate.”

The Pac-12 is trying to convince the world, or at least the part of the world that spends money on broadcast rights, that it’s hot, hot, hot.  You want proof, skeptics?  Look who’s taking Larry Scott’s phone calls!

But when the Pac-12 Conference negotiates its next media rights deal to start in the fall of 2024, conference executives expect the deep-pocketed digital companies to make serious bids.


“This is what they’re telling us,” Pac-12 Networks President Mark Shuken said. “Several of them have come to us and said that they want to be in this space.”

The most intriguing conversations have come with Apple, which so far has not settled on a financial model around sports rights. Apple executives have told conference and school officials that they see live sports as a programming genre that can set its direct-to-consumer business apart from its rivals.

Apple also was attracted by the conference’s physical location. The Pac-12 is based in San Francisco; Apple is in nearby Cupertino, Calif.

Wow — both companies are in Northern California.  Sounds like the beginning of a beautifully lucrative relationship, don’t it?

Reality check.

In other words, Larry Scott is still a genius, at least in the minds of the idiots who hired him.  Gotta respect the grift, though.


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8 responses to ““They said that, on the surface, we look like a good partner to investigate.”

  1. Chi-town Dawg

    Of course Larry Scott and his minions keep harping about that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, so they can continue collecting multi-million dollar paychecks. My favorite quote…

    “That validated the premise that there will be new bidders and bigger bidders and better economics than we have now,” Shuken said. “The presidents chose not to move forward with a financial partner, but we also created a lot of relationships.”

    Sounds like they went on some good dates that amounted into friendships. The current deal is so shitty, they have nowhere to go but up with the next one.


    • For good ol’ larry to maintain his $tatu$ quo, all parties involved will be used against one another to get a better re$ult going forward..the realty maybe the left coast conference product will be milk toast at best (or until sc football/ucla hoops dominates again), thusly the new contract maybe the same as the old one….Apple will only care about expanding it’s product plus whatever mining can be gained…


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Is there an untapped market in China for Sunday morning college football?

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    • Macallanlover

      Not sure even the Left Coast will want to be associated with China is the current, and coming, environment. May be untapped as a market, but even Scott may want to find a “less strange” bed fellow than this one. You may have had 2/3 of Cali, Oregon, and Washington favorable to marketing to anyone who would have them just 60 days ago, but I bet that number shrinks as much as half before Fall.

      I may be one of the few on the East Coast who still watches PAC 12 After Dark (most Saturdays anyway), but doubt I will sign on with Apple just to get those games. He shouldn’t run off what little audience he had.


  3. Texas Dawg

    I’m sure they will sign a deal that will be more lucrative than the one that they have now. How could it not be with the market and inflation. Scott will crow about how they have pulled this off. When the dust settles, it will still be dwarfed but the 4 other P5 conferences.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      I agree and even if by some miracle their new deal does put them on par with the other P5 conferences, they’ve fallen so far behind with the current deal, they’ll never dig themselves out of that hole.


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    PAC12 brought to you live via Acorn streaming service. They’ll throw in a pony for Larry’s daughter to seal the deal.


  5. Scott’s days are numbered. . .this is a desperate ploy initiated by him, IMO. However, I would surely pay $5/mo for 3 months for PAC12 games.