Your Daily Gator interrupts a conversation.

SDS has a roundtable about which of Saban’s former assistants will be the first to notch a win over their old boss and Neil Blackmon, Florida columnist, just can’t help interjecting with an irrelevant point because, well, Gators gonna Gator.

With Dan Mullen pushing Florida back to national relevance, Smart is going to have a dogfight in the East year and year out…

When you’re an orange and blue hammer, everything looks like a nail.


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14 responses to “Your Daily Gator interrupts a conversation.

  1. Down Island Way

    This neil fella’ thought the sds meant “seriously deficient sportsknowledge’ and that he would immediately qualify, hence the mullen comment…


    • RangerRuss

      I was gonna say if you’d ever spent much time around gator trash you’d see that they believe they’re Cthulhu’s gift to the sports world and the center of the football universe. But I reckon you know all about it.


  2. 81Dog

    Honestly, the guy was just making a point as part of a series of points why Kirby wouldn’t be the first one to beat Nick. UGA and Bama don’t play every year, Bama isn’t guaranteed to win the west with Jimbo, Kiffin, UT all getting tougher, UGA isn’t guaranteed to win the East with Florida getting tougher, they may not play in the SECC every year. It doesn’t seem like an irrelevant observation, even if one disputes the conclusion that MuLLLen can actually win the east.

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  3. Did anyone remind this hack that the only coach in the East to beat Kirby in the last 3 years is the one the Handbags fired in 2014?


    • 81Dog

      Let’s face it, that streak probably won’t hold up forever. But…. so far, so good. Kirby is 3-0 lifetime v. MuLLLen, you know what they say: you can’t win them all if you don’t win the first one.

      The Handbags have morphed into 90s UGA: Solid, talented, but not spectacular, with a fan base who thinks it’s still 10 years ago

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      • I still don’t think Dopey/Sideshow/Portal Master Dan Mullet is all that great of a coach unless he has an all-world talent at QB. The problem is he doesn’t have a Corch that can convince the next Alex Smith or Timmy Tears to come to Hogtown. Sure, he developed Dak Prescott, but really what else has he done. He ran an offense that was a little quirky at the time that now everyone runs pieces of.

        With the problems at F$U and Da U, MuLLLen should be cleaning up in state. In the meantime, Kirby, Dabo and Nick are eating his lunch.


        • Russ

          Your last point is the key. MuLLLen isn’t recruiting well now when he should dominate in-state, so what’s going to happen when/if FSU and Miami start to uptick? His recruiting has just about peaked and the gap between the Gator and UGA is still large. It’s only going to get larger.


  4. Ace

    Plus, it’s “year in and year out,”

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  5. The Dawg abides

    All of their writers seem to end up being delusional fanboys. I don’t know who here has ever read anything by Bob Redmon on the gator 247 site, but he’s a 450 pound fatass and former UF band geek posing as a writer. The other day he wrote a piece claiming that the probation laden 1984 team won the UPI (coaches poll) national championship. That was completely false, they were banned from a bowl and finished 7th in that poll. That team won what should have been their first ever SEC championship, but it was vacated because of the cheating. I knew that claim was false as soon as I read it, but zero gators corrected the bloated slob in the comments.


    • Doug

      What is it with the Florida media being full of Gator sunshine pumpers? Mike Bianchi’s the same way. I don’t subscribe to the school of thought that think the AJC has it in for the Dawgs 24/7, but UGA definitely faces a tougher crowd among its local media outlets than the Gators do.


  6. practicaldawg

    Which Dan Mullen will be the first Dan Mullen to beat Kirby?


  7. Macallanlover

    I am not a Dawg fan who obsesses over FU, their fans, or their writers. I expect to beat them, and usually we do. They are an up and comer when they did that flash in the pan act with Spurrier beating Goff in the 90s. I accept they had their day, but for the life of me I cannot understand where they feel equal, or entitled.

    know they are butt hurt, just don’t understand how they can be surprised with a coach who is 0-11 (or is it 0-12) when standing on the other side of the field from Smart. And it isn’t just Smart who has shut him down, Dancing Danny is oh-for-forever, never having won one single conference championship in his HCing life. Actually, not even a division title. What do they expect, seriously?

    I understand that if he coaches long enough, lightning will strike and he will fall into a title of some kind. Could he beat UGA in the coming seasons? At some point, yes. It might help if he had a talent upgrade because FU doesn’t have a long time history of football success. What do you expect of a programs that took eight decades to win it’s first SEC crown? Consider that tech has more SEC titles than the GayTurds, and they haven’t even been in the SEC for over 45 years! Don’t put too much pressure on him.