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There will be football.

114 FBS athletic directors participated in a survey asking how the prospects for a 2020 college football season will play out.

99% believe a season will be played in one form or another.

“There’s too much money at stake, it impacts too many people,” a Power Five AD said. “If there’s no football, we will have bigger issues. This will be worse than the Great Depression and make the 1930s look like a cakewalk.”

When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.  When they say it’s about the money, it’s about the money.  But you knew that already.



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Your 4.22.20 Playpen

I wish I had something more profound to offer today, but I can’t help but keep shaking my head over Mr. “Give Me Free Refills Or Give Me Death”.

Screenshot_2020-04-22 Natalie Allison on Twitter Today’s reopen rally organizer Steve Hasty of Murfreesboro says what he mi[...]

¡Ay, caramba!  I have no doubt there are plenty more where he came from on the other side of the political divide.  This isn’t so much a point about politics as it is about… well…

Is it just me, or is this country getting steadily less serious?


UPDATE:  Okay, this made me laugh.


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“My bosses are happy with the CFP…”

Bill Hancock, y’all.

There are currently no plans to change the format of the four-team College Football Playoff or adjust the selection committee’s protocol for choosing the top four teams, CFP executive director Bill Hancock told ESPN on Tuesday after two days of virtual CFP spring meetings.

Yeah, you can take that one to the bank.

When you don’t know if the playoffs are going to be played, you don’t need any plans to change the playoffs.


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Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

Stewart Mandel ($$) imagines a world where college football gets the go-ahead in November.  He then comes up with a schedule that allows some preparation time before the season starts, with room to get a postseason fitted in the spring.

That results in a ten-game regular season schedule with no bye weeks.  In Georgia’s case, something like this:

Screenshot_2020-04-22 How to play a college football season during the winter

That awkward end results because of a conflict with conference basketball tourneys on the 13th, but my bet is that if they’re drastically rescheduling football then, they’re probably doing something with basketball, too.

Location would be something of a bear.  Mandel notes that there are almost 30 indoor stadiums that could host games in cold weather, but I would imagine some of those arenas would be in huge demand.  (How many teams would need access to Atlanta’s MBS, for example?)  The need for scheduling flexibility would make it difficult to accommodate fans, also.

Then again, how much does that matter, if Mickey is happy and the checks are flowing to schools?

Anyway, just curious.  What do you guys think of this?  If you could attend, would you go see Auburn on January 23rd?


UPDATE:  By the way, here’s a quick summary of Athens temperature averages, by month.

Screenshot_2020-04-22 average temperatures athens georgia by month - Google Search


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No more walk of shame

Players ejected for targeting get to stay with their teammates on the sidelines now.

The status of the 2020 college football season remains a mystery, but there will be new rules if and when it gets going. The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel announced several minor rule changes on Tuesday, including new rules on targeting ejections and instant replay. The rules were first approved by the rules committee in late February.

Players who are flagged for targeting will be allowed to stay on the sideline with the rest of their teammates. They were forced to leave the field under the previous rule, which went into effect in 2013. That rule resulted in games being slowed down which gave fans the chance to voice their displeasure.  [Emphasis added.]


One other rule change on that front:

The panel approved a rule that officials’ jurisdiction of a game begins 90 minutes before kickoff, instead of the current 60. There had been concerns about dust-ups between opponents before officials were required to be on the field.

That’s gonna put a damper on pregame festivities in Jacksonville.  Still, what happens after the game stays after the game.


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The butthurt, she burns.




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