Nothing about our response to the coronavirus has been coordinated nationally worth a damn, so why should the start of the football season be any different?


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  1. Normaltown Mike

    Translation: Notre Dame is in the final four!



    They need to leave this sort of thing up to the President…or maybe the Govenors…or maybe the NCAA…or maybe the SEC…or maybe the school presidents…ADs?….coaches?….stadium managers. Yes, that’s it…the stadium managers.

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  3. mp

    The states within conferences aren’t even necessarily aligned. Good luck gentlemen!


    • Tony Barnhart

      I think what you’re saying is that if it’s looking bleak come August, we’re gonna see the Egg Bowl 6 times between October and December.

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  4. Cojones

    Shit, alignment of teams in the SEC is as far away as conferences. It was brought up on the Finebaum show and an example used was what if the Gov of Ken said to stay away from stadiums while everyone else would be on board to play. You can’t play without full conference agreement and the same would apply when playing ooc teams.

    Until testing is organized and available fully, no one is going anywhere. Without gobs of testing, we will be secluding ourselves as well. The longer we tolerate that no one is organizing testing on a national scale, the longer we stay inside. Everyone should demand their local authorities demand that the state organizes and the states together should demand a national testing plan – immediately! That’s the only way there is a chance to play any semblance of cfb this and early next year. Right now, it ain’t gonna happen. If anyone doubts what I’ve said, how would you like to lay a little money on it?

    We are being lied to concerning testing and our chance to save the economy and everything enjoyable that goes with it is passing by each day while the sheep graze and ask the big dog to keep everyone safe and happy. Dumb inaction will be the death of cfb and a lot of us old farts who follow it.

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  5. Sam Johnson

    The lack of a coherent national policy is appalling and embarrassing. Germany (83 mm people) had less notice of the virus than we did but is already reopening. Berlin, smaller than Atlanta, can run 50,000 tests a week. The SEC covers 10 states. There is no way those 10 governors coordinate without national leadership and national testing.


  6. BuffaloSpringfield

    State government being lead by National Government. What could go wrong ? Nationally they can’t even get together unless the have Eight no wait that’s Nine committees to figure out what to vote on.
    CFB isn’t happening without testing.
    Then perhaps what a legal snafu of contracts this would cause ? Plus logistics and Planning
    Regional Schedules
    UGA-Wake Forrest
    UGA-Fl. State
    UGA-Ga. State
    Most of these would be in a 1 hour to 4-1/2 hour drive time.
    Not necessarily in that order. Conducive to less travel. Lesser cost per university. Most of these could be trips actually by bus. ( you can turn a bus around easier and cheaper than a jet. Just ask Dawgs baseball who were on their way to UF for a series when they were ordered to turn around.) Opposition would come from the McGill Society of who gets the front seats on the bus. It’s not anymore ludicrous than not having a plan with exponential monies spent and no tickets sold. You could even abbreviate this.
    Just for shits and giggles I left off Roll Tide Roll so they could whip up their own wins with the Mississippi’s, Vandys, A and Mer’s, throw in Texas, Baylor, TCU, UAB, Auburn, LSU and Missouri. Little Nicky don’t wanna play in others backyards.
    Your thoughts. Would you be more interested in less conference games and a more regional schedule, schedule as is with a gamble that the season is cancelled due to another breakout, or no CFB at all. Depend on State and Federal Government we will have what we have now disagreements and 10 committees.
    Then there are those contracts to mill over. MB with Virginia and the payoffs to the cream puff combatants.


  7. 92 Grad

    I dunno, I’m kind of digging the states rights movement lately. The fed is broken, in its entirety. Doesn’t matter who is in charge, there just isn’t any form of efficient legislation happening and it wont get better next year. Even if there is a large shift in a different direction. I dont see why state level cooperation would be any harder to pull off than a fed lead plan.

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    • Bulldog Joe

      Right now, it’s working in our favor. Phased reopening of services and geographies is a risk mitigation strategy.