Housekeeping note

I finally got around to updating the Lexicon with a couple of needed definitions.  Feel free to check them out, criticize and offer your own suggestions.


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15 responses to “Housekeeping note

  1. bwaredogs

    Was expecting to see Fromm’d added.


  2. I’m still waiting for “big game” to be added. 😦


  3. Texas Dawg

    Shouldn’t HANDBAG be added for the benefit of the slow ‘turd fans who may run across this site?

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  4. Castleberry

    The Portal Master – made my day

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  5. Bulldog Joe

    “Impose Your Will” = The (no-read) Inside Zone Run that forms the basis of the Georgia offense

    MANBALL = See “Impose Your Will”

    “Respect the Specs” = What makes MANBALL work

    “Spring Game QBR” = Justifiable Starter



    “CYAL” = Cut Your Ass Loose (also see “FTMF”)

    “Third and Grantham” = Wave your arms and blitz

    “Tyler Simmons Was Onside” = See “FTMF”


  6. PCL Dawg

    What about “ Boom” for Will Muschamp referencing his penchant for colorful sideline language. One of my favorites of yours!
    (PCL = Perry city limits)

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  7. Paul

    It doesn’t belong here but this did make me laugh.
    Covfefe – a gathering of covidiots.