TFW you want to say the quiet part out loud



The Portal Master™ is being diplomatic.  The LSU president is balancing a ledger.


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  1. I think university presidents better be more worried about whether parents are going to pay for their students (especially freshmen and sophomores) to sit in their parents’ basement taking classes online when they can do the same at the local community college rather than whether there’s going to be a football season.


    • Ricky McDurden

      I’d imagine a lot of incoming freshmen will be requesting a mulligan on admissions if they realize their first Fall semester and all that is supposed to come with it is suddenly not there.


  2. Cynical Dawg

    The glorified gym teachers are going to increasingly go bonkers when it becomes more and more apparent that there will be NO FOOTBALL in 2020 and maybe 2021 if there is no vaccine.

    The sports media industrial complex is already going increasingly bonkers, especially ESPN. Viewers are tuning out from non-sports SportsCenter and the “arguing shows” and listeners are definitely tuning out on ESPN Radio. There are already reports that ESPN is about to ax Dan LeBatard and replace him with Mike Greenberg. Every day this goes forward means less viewers/listeners = less incentive to advertise on ESPN = another day closer to no ESPN. Inshallah.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Just curious, how would replacing Dan LeBatard with Mike Greenberg save ESPN money? Would it be by giving Mike Greenberg double duty for the same salary and axing LeBatard?


  3. tbia

    With a spouse in a good situation and on the right committees at UGA, I can answer a few of the questions posed.

    A. Deposits that are due to ensure spots are right where they were last year even with communication that on site college is not guaranteed.

    B. The days of the 300 person auditorium classes may be over on the undergraduate level. Plan right now is to move all of them online. Of course, there are some old school professors who insist that can’t be done.

    C. There is a possibility that SAT and ACT will not be factored into admission criteria for at least the 2021 freshmen.


    • 1) I’m not surprised deposits are right where they would expect given the fact that a number of the freshman class put deposits down after the early period before the pandemic hit and those who were accepted at regular decision want to reserve a spot in the hope of attending live. If there are limited/no live classes in the fall, I imagine there will be a number of parents who say no way you’re going to live in Athens just to sit in front of a computer all day. You can go to Georgia Perimeter or another local college to get your prerequisites out of the way and live at home. Upperclassmen (like my student) don’t have that alternative.
      2) The 300 person auditorium classes probably should go the way of the buggy whip. In theory, a university could offer more sections of those classes in the same facilities with an appropriately distanced environment (every other seat/every 3rd seat). If they go online only, my student can get the same credit elsewhere for less. A student’s future prospects aren’t tied to whether they take US history or pre-calculus at UGA vs. somewhere else online.
      3) Given early admission is a numbers-only game of test scores, GPA, and academic rigor, I don’t see how there’s any way to have an objective early admission process if test scores aren’t a part of the equation.

      My question still stands. If a freshman can only expect to attend online only classes, why should I pay the tuition and fees of UGA when I can get that same credit more cheaply elsewhere (especially if I’m out of state or international)? Sorry, but if the college experience (student organizations, Greek life, going out, undergraduate research, dorm life, etc.) isn’t available, why should I pay a premium for UGA over a smaller, more local alternative?


  4. practicaldawg

    “More hopeful than optimistic” is Dan Mullen’s head coaching career in a nutshell.

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  5. HauteDawg

    What are colleges and universities going to do when students just decide to defer their admission a semester or a year until all of this clears up? Why even bother with online courses? Personally if I was in this situation and had the financial means that would be my preferred route. Just a thought…