Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

As we like to say in these here parts, “have to” is doing a shit ton of work there, Buddy.


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  1. The Handbags are “bait”ing themselves into another season of delusion that the gap has closed.

    Anyone who thinks Kyle Tras(h) is the SEC’s best returning QB is fooling themselves. I would take Mac Jones, Jamie Newman, Kellen Mond, Bo Nix and John Rhys Plumlee over him right now. Throw in the fact that Jones, Newman and, likely, Nix (and whoever wins the job in Red Stick) will have better overall supporting casts around them.

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    • Thanks for the reminder from Milton below … TJ Costello goes on that list of SEC QBs I would take over the Handbags’ Heisman winner right now.


    • 81Dog

      A few years ago, John Brantley was the best returning QB in the SEC. Last year, a lot of them thought Feliepe Franks was the best returning QB. Trask is solid, but he’s not exactly Peyton Manning. Their run game still sucks, they lost a lot off their D, but Grantham is back. Simmer down, Jorts Nation.

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  2. Doug

    Wow, someone who writes for “Gator Bait Magazine” thinks Kyle Trask is the best quarterback in the conference? This is shocking news, but I am sure that choice was made with complete objectivity.


  3. Texas Dawg

    At best, Kyle Trask is a game manager. He is not going to win you many games but they are counting on him not to loose many either. Didn’t the Handbags accuse Fromm of just being a game manager and they seem to all say he sucked. If that it the case how can Trask no suck as well?

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  4. Ricky McDurden

    Trask struck me as efficient with the good receiving talent he had to distribute the ball to but even then it wasn’t world shattering last year and I don’t see how things improve given what they just lost in the draft (both at the receiver and RB position). They have a kick ass TE and a decent second back but… what else should I be scared of?


  5. Mayor

    If this is true what does it say about Mullen that he had Trask on the bench all along? Just askin.’

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  6. practicaldawg

    These UF beat writers are master baiters


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    gators have such short memories. Best QB this year is the same guy as last year… Feleipe Franks!

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  8. Harold Miller

    He looks awesome going against air.


  9. TomReagan

    I don’t know who the bigger homer is: Buddy Martin or Mike Griffith?

    It’s exhausting to listen to guys like Martin.

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  10. Milton Dawg

    Makes you chuckle. Trask isn’t even thought of as one of the top NFL prospects at QB in 2021. Today, Newman is projected as a late first/early second round selection as the third overall QB selected. And Mond and Costello are both rated higher right now as the fourth and fifth QBs selected.


    • I didn’t even think of Costello when I put my list together above. You could make the case he could be the league’s best QB given the amount of starting experience he has.


      • Down Island Way

        ee…the sec’s best qb waiting to get his face on the “wall of gus”…”Hello Newman” is not the best qb , but will be standing on the sidelines with all his teammates in his UGA uniform during the national anthem in the first round of cfp 2020(?)….

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