Friendly advice for the Portal Master™

This is some quote:

But Meyer also acknowledged that his former assistant needs to get a win in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

“He’s gotta beat Georgia,” Meyer said. “I’ve been in that game. Steve Spurrier, who’s a dear friend of mine, he made that game miserable for Gators because he never lost to them. And I’d sit in that Sawgrass Hotel in my hotel room and I’d be damn near just sick getting ready for that game. … You had to win that game.”

Sounds like you had real fun, Corch.



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4 responses to “Friendly advice for the Portal Master™

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “made that game miserable for Gators”. How revealing. It’s not all about you Corch. Spurrier made that game delightful for most Gators.

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  2. Castleberry

    Hey Corch – 1997

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    • As much fun as i’ve had at many UGA football games, ’97 was a good one, it never did erase the pain of ’95, ’98, just to name a few for me…even after the ol’ ball sack gave up (hopeful 52-20 sent him) will never release the pain of thinking UGA could compete against against FU in the 90’s

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  3. UGA '97

    “Plus we have Sunshine & Palm trees” sounds like a guy who is vocalizing his happy retirement surroundings, hiding his disdain of thug management & uga losses. Good luck Mullen!!