“It doesn’t look like high IQ football.”

Welp, if you’ve got forty or so minutes to revisit Georgia’s offense in last year’s Notre Dame game, here you go:

There’s plenty of blame to go around for the dysfunction, but I’m reminded of something I wrote in my Observations post:

Georgia was outplayed at times and was definitely outcoached. What it wasn’t was out-athleted, and that’s why it prevailed. I know Kirby’s happy with the win — hell, so am I — and he’s happy that his team manballed just enough to get it done, but this was not one of the staff’s finest hours.

Some of you are probably tired of my finger pointing, but as a position coach, James Coley did not serve Jake Fromm well.  Fromm’s mechanics are all over the place and his reads, which were a strength of his in 2018, weren’t consistent.  Not sticking with the up-tempo pace in the second half didn’t help, either, although I suspect that was more from Smart than his OC.

What do you guys see there?


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  1. dawgtired

    In our business, we communicate that uncovering the problem areas is NOT ‘finger pointing’. It is simply the process needed to identify and solve problem areas. You can’t fix a problem if you can’t identify it.

    If Kirby builds a staff of position and coordinating coaches (and let’s them coach) that can come close to equaling the opponent’s coaching, we’ll win multiple NCs before his reign ends. He has proven that he can collect talented players.


    • Texas Dawg

      AMEN! You can not fix a problem until you accept and admit that you have a problem. The ostrich approach rarely works.


    • Uglydawg

      That is THE Nutshell. Good post and replies.
      I’m just slightly afraid that Kirby, when it comes down to crunch time, will shake his head and say, “I won’t do that”.
      (Please note that I said “slightly” afraid…I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But it could.)


  2. On the surface, it appears as though Kirby has learned a (tough) lesson from last year and that he’s going to push his offense to become as much a scalpel as it is a hammer. But until we see it in action, I’m going to have a sense of skepticism, even if I am hopeful a legitimate philosophical change has taken place.


    • Russ

      Yeah, that’s pretty much where I am. I think Kirby realizes he has to modernize the offense. And I do put most of the blame for the offense on him due to his philosophy. I’ll believe he’s really changed when we’re up in a big game and the other team is mounting a comeback. Do we continue to press with our offense (new philosophy) or does he go into his shell like the 4th quarter at Auburn to rely on his defense? Time will tell.


      • As far as I see it, your line about knowing a change has been made is so true. When Kirby pushes to make the 17-point lead a 31-point lead rather than hold the line, I’ll know he’s truly changed.

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  3. The SEC Network and ESPNU have been replaying a lot of our games from last year, and even knowing the outcome doesnt make things any better lol. Fromm was all over the place and missing guys everywhere. He totally gave up throwing to the RB out of the backfield and he seemed rushed and antsy in the pocket. There were guys open on almost every play and he just never saw them. He was pressing so hard he was hurting himself. He really cost himself a lot of money last year. Btw, I still have no idea how we beat Auburn, but we did , so F them.

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    • We beat Auburn because we dominated their high school offense. The only reason the game got close was Kirby decided to lay off, was willing to exchange yards for clock, and then got hit for chunk plays. In the meantime, after the last TD drive, we went into our turtle shell.

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      • Yep the defense saved our bacon. Imo, that was the best win of the season. Winning at Auburn with the worst offense ever is impressive.

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        • The offense did what it needed to against the best defense it faced all season. It wasn’t pretty but it was effective.


          • Middle of the 3rd qtr. and all of the 4th qtr. was as painful watching an offense stumble around as i’ve experienced in a looooong time…(plus the elongated time outs)


            • We went into turtle mode … here’s quite possibly the most beautiful drive of the season:

              2nd quarter
              1st and 10 at UGA19 GEORGIA drive start at 01:19.
              1st and 10 at UGA19 D’Andre Swift rush up middle for 5 yards to the UGA24 (Marlon Davidson).
              2nd and 5 at UGA24 Timeout Auburn, clock 01:16.
              2nd and 5 at UGA24 D’Andre Swift rush over left end for 16 yards to the UGA40, 1ST DOWN UGA (Jeremiah Dinson).
              1st and 10 at UGA40 Jake Fromm pass incomplete to Kearis Jackson, PENALTY AU pass interference (Roger McCreary) 7 yards to the UGA47, 1ST DOWN UGA, NO PLAY.
              1st and 10 at UGA47 Jake Fromm pass complete to Kearis Jackson for 13 yards to the AU40, 1ST DOWN UGA, out-of-bounds (Roger McCreary).
              1st and 10 at AU40 D’Andre Swift rush draw play for 26 yards to the AU14, 1ST DOWN UGA (Jeremiah Dinson).
              1st and 10 at AU14 Jake Fromm pass complete to D. Robertson for 6 yards to the AU8 (Christian Tutt).
              2nd and 4 at AU08 Timeout Auburn, clock 00:32.
              2nd and 4 at AU08 Jake Fromm pass complete to Brian Herrien for 3 yards to the AU5, out-of-bounds (K.J. Britt).
              3rd and 1 at AU05 Jake Fromm pass complete to Brian Herrien for 5 yards to the AU0, 1ST DOWN UGA, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:20.
              1st and GOAL at AU03 R. Blankenship kick attempt good.

              81 yards in 59 seconds for a TD … Fromm ran the HUNH to perfection. Why wasn’t this what we did all of the time?

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              • Russ

                “Why wasn’t this what we did all of the time?”

                ^^^THIS is the question for all of last year (and I hope just last year). Whenever we went HUNH, we killed the other team. Jake and the offense got rhythm and moved the ball. Given our depth on defense, even a few quick 3-and-out series could have been weathered if it happened. But instead, we had the plodding manball most of the time until it became the only thing the offense could do. Very frustrating and hard to watch.


                • Russ, do you think Gus is kicking himself for calling that timeout after the first play from scrimmage? I believe Kirby was very content to go to the locker room up 7 and getting the ball to start the 2nd half. When Swift hit that first run, Kirby then went HUNH. If I remember correctly, Gary Danielson immediately started saying Gus made the wrong call to call timeout.

                  If we had taken the 2nd half kickoff and scored, we would have gotten 10 or 14 points without Auburn having a chance to have meaningful touches.

                  Bottom line is we were a whole lot more effective playing HUNH rather than getting to the line and screwing around to get the play call in. Teams either wilted or faked injuries to stop it.


  4. I think it’s pretty simple. Monken was hired to open the offense up. That does not mean it’s going to look like Mississippi State. But open it up, so that the Dawgs hit on some deep plays – have scheme’s that allow a ‘Robinson’ to actually get open on a 15/20 route and gives James some space coming out of the backfield.

    Georgia was so predictable last year, that most high school DC’S could call a good game against them. And despite all of that, they will won 12 games.

    This comes down to how quickly Georgia adapts to the new offense. If they are mature enough and with only one loss to BAMA going into the UF game (means getting by Auburn), then they will roll up the East again (putting Mullen ‘big time’ on the hot seat by the way) and playing BAMA a 2nd time with a very different mindset.

    Love the DAWGS future… Especially with what the young talent in the QB room will look like in another year.


  5. The other Doug

    The guy questions the play a few times where I don’t think he understood the play.
    The first was a hot read to a RB in the flats. The screen isn’t set up at all. It looks to me like Fromm saw the guy about to blitz and told the RB if that guy comes get your eyes back here cause the ball is coming. The rest of the routes were slow developing so no time for them. Fromm had the choice of having the RB block the guy or be the hot read. Seems like Fromm made a solid call.
    Next was a play where two WRs run the same route to the middle of the field. He keeps harping on it being a mistake, but it’s obvious they are “blocking” the 2 DBs to make sure there is room for the TE (?) to come across and make the catch. I think that pass was actually late.


  6. gastr1

    Why did they let him flip the ball like that for so long? That tells me an awful lot about the coaching.


    • The other Doug

      I think it’s the opposite. His coaches going back to middle school have been trying to get him to stop flipping the ball, but Jake still does it.


  7. The other Doug

    Watched the whole thing…

    First, most of the time Jake knows where he is going pre snap, and if that’s not there he throws to the check down which is generally the RB. This is why he goes to one WR over and over.

    He throws the ball short and/or low a lot, but I think that might be him protecting against the interception. Most of his deeper sideline throws are short, and the WR stops and jumps for it. Draws a lot of pass interference calls. A lot of the middle distance throws are low and the WR can’t get YAC, but it’s definitely the safe play. That was probably coached into him by smart of his HS coach.

    Last, he is almost always late with his down field throws. He doesn’t let the ball go as a WR is coming open or even once they have taken a step after the break. It’s generally when the guy is beyond open and running out of field to work with. New WRs? Lack of practice? Scared of an INT?

    btw, I don’t know if it was Coley, Smart, or Fromm, but that offense has training wheels on. I doubt Monken signed up for more of that.

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    UGA was good enough to win 3 of the 5 Power 5 Conferences last year, IMHO. But Fromm sucks..that narrative is getting old.

    He’s a DGD in my book. I wish him well.

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  9. ASEF

    I saw some nice pieces in an otherwise incoherent whole.

    An offense that was easy to attack in terms of scheme and play calling but difficult to defend given its level of athleticism.

    Not a lot of confidence by the offensive personnel in what they were doing.

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  10. Admiral Sackbar

    I’ll give my $0.02.

    “I don’t understand what this concept is” was uttered an alarming number of times in the video, but it’s fairly earned. Too many screens were run without the O-line running out in front of our backs. Too many receivers running the same routes, too many play design elements that didn’t create misdirection and just added unnecessary seconds. My gut tells me Coley was trying to play chess but didn’t know how the pieces move.
    Lots of bad technique to go around on offense. Receivers abandoning routes and just bouncing around coverage. O-line getting confused by various blitzes. Not to mention all the mechanics issues with Jake.
    Jake Fromm is good but we might have overstated how special he was. With better QB coaching, who knows? But there were several mistakes in that video you can’t entirely blame the OC for.
    The arm angle and quick release stuff from Jake is really cool, and perhaps offers a better explanation of why Jake was better suited to our offense in 2018 than Justin Fields. If the offensive philosophy necessitates a quick release from your QB, then it makes sense why Jake never lost his place in the depth chart.

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    • “My gut tells me Coley was trying to play chess but didn’t know how the pieces move.”

      Great analogy. Watching Coley’s offense last year I, a certified football dummy, often felt that a number of pieces weren’t attacking the defense and a big chunk of the board was being avoided.


  11. To be concise: ive never been more frustrated with a side with that much talent in my life. Last year was abysmal and awful.


    • Yeah, I had to keep reminding myself that our starting O was 5-stars and high 4-stars, Kindley (and maybe a few others) excepted. When we scored three straight TDs against Vandy in Q1 I thought: “This offense is going to be unbeatable.” Then we didn’t score another TD all game. Against Vandy.