Okay, maybe they could have done a better job with that fence.

If you’re a Georgia fan, this is… not optimal.

There’s a lot of subtexting going on there, like Garner’s lack of effort towards the end of his stint in Athens and the alleged reason for Rocker’s departure, for starters.  We’d best hope Tray Scott raises the bar in that regard.



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  1. Garner was downright lazy his last few years in Athens. Then he turns around and beats Rocker for Derrick Brown. The Brown recruitment is probably the sole reason Kirby relieved Rocker of his duties.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Garner was all but stealing his pay under Richt during his last few years in Athens.

      You can add Russell of Carrollton, and Adams and Bryant of Cordele to your list with Derrick Brown. Garner can recruit like heck if a HC keeps an eye on him to make sure he isn’t slacking.


  2. Oof. Check out Mississippi, though.


  3. Derek

    There are not nearly enough G’s in that map.

    Trenton could have helped us out here if he’d stuck around.


  4. Russ

    DL recruiting is the one area of recruiting that Kirby doesn’t dominate.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    We dominated in Connecticut.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    We’re still missing on a lot of the top DL talent; Burch, Bresee, Murphy just to name a few. Jordan Davis, Wyatt and Travon Walker have saved Scott’s job for now. But Scott should be hoping our ‘19 and ‘20 recruiting classes produce at least a couple more studs.


    • Classic City Canine

      Agreed Cobb. Scott is off probation for now but due to some recent success but we’ve got to get more elite D-Linemen. If we had had Derrick Brown, we very well might have beat Bama in 17 and 18.


  7. barneydawg

    Isn’t it more difficult for DL to get good stats in our defense? I am just repeating what the many experts post at my pay site.


    • There is no stat for filling gaps, but it still needs to be done, and you still need guys that are elite athletes to be beat the elite athletes they line up across from.


  8. 2675miller

    We have something like two DT’s drafted since Grantham moved us to the 34 defense. We had DT’s drafted every year for years, many who were stars in the NFL. Good players like Deangelo Tyson was a late draft choice and Abry Jones was undrafted but played in the nfl for many years because the system does not showcase talent. If I were a DT prospect I wouldn’t come to UGA. I would go to AU or Clempson.