Chicks dig the long ball.

He’s got a big arm.  How much will Monken and Smart use it?



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  1. What were the presumptive Heisman winner Kyle Tras(h)‘s stats? That’s what everyone wants to know.


  2. DawgByte

    There’s a persistent and continuous narrative that goes something like this… “It’s Kirby’s offense and nothing is down without his stamp of approval.”

    With the hire of Todd Monken I believe this narrative has changed for obvious reasons. That said, IF Jamie Newman is the starting QB, Monken will extract all the skills he has to offer, including the “long ball”. My biggest wish is ball security. Newman’s interception numbers should concern all Dawg fans who are use to 3 years of low INT statistics. Ball security, ball security, ball security!


    • Brandon M

      On the other hand, our Defense should be good enough this year to bail us out of some offensive mistakes. There is no reason not to take more chances and get a little riskier if the end result is scoring more points.


      • DawgByte

        I’m okay with taking risks, depending on location. If an INT’s net result is no worse than a Punt then the damage can be contained.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Newman has 14 interceptions in 3 seasons, with 10 last year. Interceptions weren’t a significant problem, particularly when you look at the number of passing attempts (439 in 2019). Plus he had 487 yards rushing and 6 TDs.

      I can see why Pollack muses Newman can be a 1st round pick. He compares favorably to players like Herbert and Tua. Strong, accurate arm, low mistakes, and good mobility. With good coaching Newman could put up some eyebrow-raising numbers.


  3. Ozam

    Kirby hates TOs more than anything. With our returning D, I foresee an evolution of ManBall. ManBall-lite?


  4. Cojones

    Depends on the reason for the interceptions. If he has more time, confidence and poise with a better O (in a better conference with better Ds), what will that do to his interception rate? Receivers on wrong route, better Ds just waiting for his bread and butter pass, blind-side blocking dropsies from non-aggressive receivers, recovery from hard hits; all can influence a pass, a play that permits three things to happen and two of them are bad.

    It will only be fair to not project Jamie’s play before he gets rolling and I cringe at the perspective of the negative boo-birds just waiting for him to show he isn’t perfect.


  5. junkyardawg41

    I know it’s the off-season but I just can’t get excited about a guy whose best QBR year matches the worst QBR year by Fromm.