ESPN has its initial strength of schedule rankings posted here.  The SEC looks like this:

  • South Carolina  2
  • Alabama 3
  • LSU 4
  • Arkansas 7
  • Ole Miss 9
  • Auburn 11
  • Tennessee 14
  • Mississippi State 16
  • Georgia 18
  • Vanderbilt 30
  • Kentucky 32
  • Texas A&M 35
  • Florida 41
  • Missouri 54

The thing to keep in mind that if they’re forced to shrink the season because of the coronavirus, that spread is going to compress.  In other words, if I were a Florida fan, I’d be really hoping for a 12-game season.



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5 responses to “FPI SOS

  1. josh hancher

    That Florida schedule is dragged down by FSU. FSU will better in November on the field than in May on paper


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Anything is possible, including back-to-back games vs. Alabama in December.


  3. Mayor

    No wonder all those media blowhards are picking FU to win the East. Plus, how can Georgia’s schedule only be #18 in the nation when we play both Bama and Auburn next season? Should be top 5 in difficulty IMHO.


  4. Dawg Vegas

    Scrolling around that list and looking at other columns I see thst USC (the real one, in California) is #13 in their FPI ranking, and Texas at #11.
    Those both seem high to me, but I admit I don’t pay enough attention to have an informed opinion.


  5. Spike

    Boom must be a Dead Man Walking after this season.. one can only hope.