Y’all doing anything with those Saturdays?

Hey, look what college football’s best friend is contemplating!

If school presidents and conference commissioners aren’t nervous enough about the season already — and they are — this won’t help.



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6 responses to “Y’all doing anything with those Saturdays?

  1. Macallanlover

    That is an awful alternative, although not having all those jersey-wearing fans will help. It does look like the Masters, and US Open will provide a couple of weekends of sports entertainment for me. Pretty much stuck after that unless Ryder Cup and Players figure it out. I haven’t been following, but as CFB looks less and less probable, I may have to see what other changes the PGA makes to their fall schedule.


    • Agree, Mac.

      If CFB doesn’t play or plays without fans, my live sports viewing will be limited to The Masters and the US Open. Even with a socially distanced stadium, I won’t probably watch anything outside a Georgia game. If that happens, maybe I can get my handicap down a few strokes this fall.


      • Macallanlover

        Difference being I will watch CFB if it is broadcast. I will dislike no/limited fans attending, but I would watch practice everyday on TV if they broadcast it. I am going to have a serious problem on Masters Saturday this fall if UGA is playing that Saturday. I am really hoping for a late kickoff if that conflict happens. Who the hell would have ever imagined that happening? UGA football is my favorite sport to watch on any given Saturday, but Masters week is my favorite sports week of the year.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I can see it now: half the NFL fans watch the first half of a game on Saturday, and the other half of the fans watch the second half on Sunday, this allowing for social distancing at games. 😉


  3. Faulkner

    Looking forward to Atlanta United and golf getting going this summer and fall. It will help ease the pain of no CFB this fall if that’s what happens.

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