Somebody needs a mulligan.

Good thing it’s Sam Pittman’s first year, ’cause this looks brutal.

Five games with a win probability under 10%?  Enjoy that Charleston Southern game, Hog fans.


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6 responses to “Somebody needs a mulligan.

  1. Russ

    Yeah I feel for the Pit Boss. He has a good staff but they have zero chance this season.


  2. Cojones

    The odds project for one SEC win. That would be Ole Miss or Mizzou, both pegged at 30%. That’s a helluva stretch for the win predicated on coaching coming through late in the season.

    Vegas oddsmakers have faith in Briles and Odom that we can’t even reason.


  3. UGA '97

    yep more dark ages in ARK. A la GA Tech 2019 w/ those beauts vs Citadel & Temple.


  4. Im not sure how arky, vandy, mizzou ever get to anything other than a good UK of recent type season. And then we killed UK in their most hyped up game of recent times


  5. Mayor

    People forget that Arkansas under Frank Broyles was a national power. During the days of the SWC Arkansas fought Texas for the conference championship just about every year and won that conference quite a lot. As recently as a few years ago when Bobby Petrino was HC there the Razorbacks were the second best team in the SEC West behind Bama. Then Petrino got caught in that motorcycle dalliance and the Chancellor and the AD self destructed with bad decision after bad decision.


  6. hodgie

    I know the odds are not in the favor of Arkansas but Coach Pittman can flat out coach. He is the real deal. He will get it done. My hot take is gonna be that they make a bowl this year.