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In which I take back every snarky thing I’ve said about FPI

Mickey, today, you are the bomb.

For once, I’m actually looking forward to some UCF natty trash talk.  Go Gata!



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TFW you’re concerned, but are told not to be **too** concerned

Talk about your rousing endorsement:

Widespread testing for coronavirus will be crucial to having college sports in the fall — especially contact sports such as football and basketball, the NCAA’s chief medical officer said Friday.

Dr. Brian Hainline expressed cautious optimism that college sports could be played during the fall semester as long as leaders take a methodical approach.

“It’s not going to be risk-free, that’s for sure,” Hainline said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Sheesh.  Sign me up for some of that sweet action, Doc.

“If this is rolled out in stages and reasonably, we’re really paying attention to proper surveillance and we get the tests available, I think we can have fall sports. My concern is if we just rush into this too quickly because of this almost sense of desperation, that we just have to get going.”

That’s a relief.   It’s not like your typical AD hasn’t sounded the slightest bit desperate of late.

On a less snarky note, here’s the NCAA’s current stance on the terms for reinstating college sports.  There’s a lot that has to happen first, needless to say.


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“I’m not a stats guy, I’d rather win the game.”

Reggie Ball, Tech Legend, has only one regret from his illustrious career.

There is only one regret for Ball when he looks back on his career, he was 0-4 against UGA.

“My only regret is not beating that mediocre fucking team from Athens,” he said.

He actually repeats that in the same interview.  Sounds like the perfect epitaph.

We still love you in Athens, Reggie.  Thanks for stopping to smell the roses.


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