In which I take back every snarky thing I’ve said about FPI

Mickey, today, you are the bomb.

For once, I’m actually looking forward to some UCF natty trash talk.  Go Gata!


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11 responses to “In which I take back every snarky thing I’ve said about FPI

  1. 92 Grad

    Wow, shade thrown at UF? I actually dont even know what to say.


  2. J-Dawg

    I’d love to see UCF play the Gayturds and rip them a new A-hole! Let’s see how Dopey Dan alibi’s that loss.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    No love for UF but UCF needs to man up and play them.


    • Texas Dawg

      As much as I hate FU, they offered to play them in a 2 for1. UCF thinking they are more important than they are rejected the deal (Thanks primarily to their delusional AD, Danny White) . They wanted a 1 for 1. Sorry guys, but you are a pimple on an ant’s ass at present. You do not command the same level of power/respect/ financials as a bonified Power 5 teams especially from the SEC. UCF is currently in the same position FSU was 30-40 years ago. Bobby Bowden took them on the road to play ANYONE just to get the opportunity to build their resume. They succeeded and became one of the powerhouses of CFB (seems like a long time ago). UCF thinks they better than that and teams should grovel before the imaginary national champions and negotiate deals on equal terms. All that said I would still love to see them kick the shit out of FU.

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  4. Whoda thunk it, All-State in the auto accident/college football crystal ball prediction business….there it is for a shortened season, scrap the conference schedules and let those 17 teams perform a weekly play in type (2020) season for the trophy


  5. I haven’t analyzed this or even read the article. But, wasn’t it proven a couple years ago UCF had basically no shot of making the playoff with their soft schedule. Is this just another article with a writer that has too much time in their hands, faulty computer algorithms, or am I missing a schedule upgrade?


  6. Tlkdawg

    You obviously haven’t been paying attention, hardcore. Not only are they competing in the always brutal east division of the american conference, they’ve added acc powers UNC & tech. Pretty sure their schedule is in the top 10 most difficult this year.


    • Mayor

      Why is Clemson any different than UCF? Clemson doesn’t play anyone either but each year they glide through their soft ACC schedule and are given a pass into the playoff. The committee should make Clemson play a more difficult OOC schedule or knock them out of the playoff in favor of the Big 12 or PAC 12 champion. Both of those conferences are tougher than the piss any ACC.


  7. barneydawg

    Most importantly, what does Mike Bianchi think? He must be conflicted, since his lips are superglued to the seat of the pants of both programs.


  8. practicaldawg

    Now trending: #FranksFace


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Yep. Why the pic of Franks? I guess hasn’t got the news about Franks’ transfer. Which begs the question: are they aware of Covid-19 yet?