“Hopefully, we’re at a comfortable level with testing and where we are with the virus.”

When it comes to the start of the Georgia football season, the “h” word continues to get a workout in certain quarters.  Greg McGarity is one positive son of a gun ($$).

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said he felt the scheduled season opener, against Virginia on Sept. 7 in Atlanta, would happen. McGarity said that was based on internal discussions and just watching how the situation was evolving.

“Based on status of our state with regard to all aspects of the virus,” McGarity said.

In that short piece from Emerson, the words “hope”, “optimistic” and “expectations” appear eight times.  This does, too, though:

McGarity said that question for the Georgia-Virginia game was “not sure as of today, and will be determined by the medical pros.”

If you think our illustrious AD is talking out of both sides of his mouth there, well, that’s only because he is.  But he’s hopeful!



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14 responses to ““Hopefully, we’re at a comfortable level with testing and where we are with the virus.”

  1. Bright Idea

    What if Northam tells UVA no? Has that been a part of those internal discussions?


  2. DawgByte

    Senator, contrary to you’re natural inclination to believe every decision ever made was done so on the basis of financial considerations, in this particular case, whatever RELIABLE facts one can gleam regarding the Corona virus, I think McGarity’s assessment is on target.


    • DB, contrary to your natural inclination to dispute that college football these days is primarily motivated by money, here’s Jere Morehead’s quote from the same article:

      “One of the things I have to emphasize is that even though Greg McGarity has done a great job of being very conservative in finances, which is now proving to have been absolutely critical, even a school like Georgia would be devastated by not having football season because football is the driver financially for all the other athletic programs that we have…”

      But, sure, it must be me.



    The powers that be have realized the general public will cower in place at will. They like it and are going to have a real hard time removing the restrictions..


    • C’mon, man, all sorts of states have started lifting restrictions.

      I know that “but muh freedom!” is a heady thought, but the idea that governors want to keep states locked down and economies in free fall longer than necessary isn’t logical.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, what’s the motivation for the government to keep everyone at home and wreck the economy? And remember, that same motivation should probably apply to Canada, Spain, Italy, China, Germany, UK, Russia, and many others. That’s some next level conspiracy shit there.

      Maybe it’s the Tri Lateral Commission? The Koch brothers? The Masons?


  4. Paul

    The University System of Georgia is still committed to online instruction only during the summer semester. If campuses are not open until fall semester how is the team supposed to be prepared to play a normally scheduled opener?


  5. Cojones

    What happens when a player becomes sick? How will they isolate? How can you keep kids away from their girlfriends who have another circle of contacts removed from the team during the season? What if a player becomes sick before reporting and how will that affect the strategy of team play; two starting O-linemen have to isolate who room together when one of their contact family members or friends comes up positive – what does this myriad of happenstances do to the ability to play a game well, both from players and coaches standpoints? Hope won’t get us there.

    The odds are against us getting through this season playing without disease catastrophe occurring.


  6. The Georgia Way

    If restrictions for large gatherings and live performance venues are not lifted by Labor Day, rest assured we will fulfill our obligation via a virtual bowl-off.



  7. jt10mc (the other one)

    Hope ain’t a plan!


  8. BuffaloSpringfield

    If butts ain’t in the seats in the classrooms ( per 300 in a class ) by August 15th. We can kiss our tickets, seats and SEC football as we know it’s ass goodbye. Now perhaps the Dawgs could do a similar benefit tournament to what NBC is doing with golf in Florida on the 15th of May. Ricky Fowler, Dustin Johnson and two others are going to do a skins game.
    Around October, NAW it wouldn’t work cause as student athletes the other students would have to be in class. Besides McGarity wouldn’t do nothing for charity. Thank Goodness for the Reserve Fund.