“When he was at SC, he always had the upper hand.”

The Pirate versus Junior Show is gonna be a trip, no doubt.  One good point Leach makes in this Dennis Dodd piece — no, not “Breeze and saltwater. I don’t think that disease likes breeze and saltwater.” — is that, unlike when they faced off in the Pac-12, they’re on pretty similar footing now when it comes to resources.

It’ll be interesting to see where their two programs stand after a few years.



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7 responses to ““When he was at SC, he always had the upper hand.”

  1. Mayor

    Historically Ole Piss has had the more successful program. I wish Leach had waited and gotten a better job. Missy State is a graveyard no matter what happened while the Portalmaster was there. I fear for the future for the Pirate.

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    • Macallanlover

      Missy State wasn’t any bigger threat with Dancing Danny on the sideline than they were at any other time. When did they ever challenge for even a Division title? The last time I can remember teams having any level of concern about that opponent on their schedule was when Nut-Cutter was head coach in StarkVegas.

      Old Mullet stumbled onto an overlooked Dak Prescott and still couldn’t threaten. Committee made a big error with Missy State in their first ever ranking and Dancing Danny promptly embarrassed them in Kentucky the very same week by losing to the Wildcats. That was never a contending team, Committee just wanted to show how out-of-the-box and unorthodox their thinking would be, and it back fired on them. He is zero for his career in winning a title of any kind bigger than an exhibition/bowl game. He will fall into one one day, but I don’t see him consistently achieving anything significant. Glad the gay turds are excited to have him, and willing to overlook the obvious flaws.


  2. Cynical Dawg

    Every year, they’ll be fighting each other to finish the season 6-6.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Just as Breeze rhymes with Freeze, in a few years both will have moved on.

    “I keep blowin’ down the road”


  4. Paul

    I don’t know. Leach’s Brand of crazy just might sell in Mississippi. I hope it does anyway. He’ll be fun have around. I’d like him to stay in the SEC for a while.


    • Bulldog Joe

      It only happens if he can find a Tim Couch-like talent at QB.


    • Cynical Dawg

      Mississippi State hasn’t won an SEC football championship since 1941. If Leach coaches to his usual mediocre level, he probably will be a big success.