The master at work

This is the trolling equivalent of a reverse 4½ somersault in the pike position.

Following up those comments, Finebaum was then asked which program has more momentum heading into the 2020 season, Florida or Tennessee?

“I think it’s Tennessee, because they’re coming from so far back,” Finebaum answered. “And I don’t mean to diminish Dan Mullen, I mean his program is already there. His program right now is right behind Georgia nipping at Georgia’s heels trying to take over, so momentum is an interesting word to use.”

Please don’t try that at home, kids.  It takes years of practice to refine your shit lobbing skills to an elite level like that.


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5 responses to “The master at work

  1. 81Dog

    So, UGA is coming in 3rd in the east, at best? I hope we can hold off a resurgent UK. And S Carolina. We’re dooooooomed.

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  2. Mayor

    Bluto, you’ve kind of gotten the shit lobbing down to a fine art yourself. Are you going to eat crow when FU beats the Dawgs? Let’s get real here. Georgia’s QB situation is up in the air and the WR coaching is suspect. So much for the passing game. The best RB is gone. The two best O-linemen are gone. Sure we have a great D but I certainly can see potential losses next season where the D played well enough to win but the O just couldn’t score points and one of those could easily be to FU.