What college football means to me

Now this is a quote I can get behind.

Amen to that.

Which games on Georgia’s schedule qualify for you as great by that definition?


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  1. Derek

    Auburn and Florida


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Florida, Auburn, and Tech, our traditional rivals.

    There is no end to my hate for our traditional rivals. In fact, I want them all to be relatively successful every year, so when we beat them, WE CRUSH THEIR FUCKING DREAMS!!!

    As for our geographic rivals, I don’t hate them as much as I hope none of them are ever successful at anything. For the past 20 years outside of a few occurrences, that’s been a job well done by Tennessee and Sakerlina. However, Clemson’s success eats at my soul because there is no fucking reason on God’s green earth why Clemson should have two recent national titles and we’re going on 40 fucking years.

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  3. Cousin Eddie

    in that order

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  4. 1) Handbags
    2) Handbags
    3) Handbags
    4) Nerds
    5) The Barn
    6) Auburn with a Lake


  5. Paul

    Georgia Tech



    Auburn and Florida..


  7. 69Dawg

    The whole damn SEC.


  8. Timphd

    1) Florida
    2) Auburn
    3) Florida
    4) Tennessee
    5) Florida
    6) GT
    7) Florida
    Did I mention how much I hate Florida?


  9. FisheriesDawg

    Florida, Auburn, Tech. Order depends on the year/era. Tech may be the only one that is completely independent of how good (or, perhaps more descriptively, bad) they are.

    Alabama has started feeling that way, but I know it’s only temporary. Just too many painful, hugely meaningful losses to the same team in the course of a little more than a decade not to feel that way right now.


  10. Charlottedawg

    Florida and Auburn

    Tech would be completely irrelevant and not cross my mind at all if they weren’t so pathetically obsessed with Georgia, those guys hate us more than they love their team. Again, only word to describe the shrinking tech fan base is pathetic.

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  11. Down Island Way

    At what level of visceral hate is this ad feeling towards the university that plays 12 men…..any way, there is no hate for any university that UGA plays against (no matter the sport, mens/women) barners (deep personal reasons), FU (#FTMF), north ave. abysmal trade school (just because)…..bammers are creeping in cause UGA needs to win one, here, there, anywhere….


  12. Otto

    1) Bama is my most hated.Freaking cheaters “blown” offisdes call, head of officials, SEC front office in Hoover liars.
    2) Florida
    3) Florida
    4) Florida
    5) Auburn


  13. Nashville West

    slimy reptiles
    The reason I have them in that order is because the last game I saw in person as a student was in 1977 when aubrin came to Sanford and won. I didn’t mind losing as much as it just pissed me off when those bozos started ripping up big pieces of the hedges. I’ve hated aubrin ever since.

    The reptiles come before the insects because it’s just too hard to take the insects seriously these days. As someone who grew up in Southern California I also have a visceral hatred of notre dame but I can’t really count them as a rival for the Dawgs.

    Loved the quote by the way.


  14. dawgman3000

    Every team that wears the color orange.

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  15. Florida
    South Carolina (yes, for hiring Spurrier and his beating our asses in 2007 and 2011)

    I keep Tennessee in there because I went undergrad to Vandy. That Tennessee hatred runs deeper for me than most UGA fans as a result.


    • Etdf

      I’ve lived in Tennessee since mid-90s. That was a miserable time here. My hatred for them runs deep, but it is proximity based.

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  16. Tommy

    Visceral hate: Florida and anyone who’s ever messed with the hedges.


  17. WHB209

    This year the teams I hate are
    #1- Virginia
    #2- East Tennessee State
    #6- Missouri
    #7-UF : ( I would like to change Florida to #1 and move Vir to #7 )
    #9- Kentucky
    #10- Georgia Tech (they have fallen way down the list)
    #11- The west division champ.
    Next year my hated teams will be different


  18. MGW

    Florida, easily. Used to live with a couple UF people when they embarrassed us annually. I hate Florida; it would break my heart if we didn’t get to kick their ass every year while they suck. It must have been hell for A&M fans not to get to kick Texas’ ass during the Manziel years.


    • MGW

      And I would be utterly furious if Saban either retired or noticeably lost a step before we beat Bama.

      I want to take on a top notch Saban Bama team and beat their asses.

      If he does retire before that happens, I hope we run the score up on them as bad as we can every time we play them till the end of time.


  19. Florida, then Auburn. I pity and detest Tech but don’t hate them.


  20. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Any Yankee team(other than ND – I’m Irish Catholic)


  21. Ozam

    Just two:

    Auburn…… Pure hatred of the place. It’s as close to a cult as I know.

    Florida….. They owned us for so long it just stirs negative emotions.


  22. Ozam

    Had you asked me in the early 80’s, Clemson carried the most hated mantle. Crazy that two schools so close rarely play.


  23. Got Cowdog

    For the week of the game I’ll have it like this:
    florida, auburn, ut, south fucking kackalakey, SEC referees, and the cosplay warriors.
    I hate them, their questionable ancestry, their ugly and ill mannered children, the squalid hovels where they live, and all things related to their menial existence. I hate them all and I spectacularly hate them whenever we square off on Saturdays.
    I hate them for the foul mouthed, alcohol swilling Mr. Hyde they cause me to morph into as surely as the Rougarou turns with the full moon.
    Bama? Good team, good coach. There is no shame losing to a team of that caliber. See “SEC Referees” above.
    LSU? Caught lightning in a bottle this year, but they play big boy football and I love my family on the other side of the river.
    I used to hate Notre Dame.
    Clemson? Cakewalk schedule, Dabo’s a goober. But no real hate there.
    Man I hope we get a season this year….


  24. Bama, Florida, Auburn, in that order. UGA Football in the 2010’s was defined by the inability to beat Alabama, plain and simple.


  25. rchris

    Of all the schools we’ve played at least 10 games against, only 2 have a winning record against us: Bama and LSU. They have no business doing that. For that they’ll always have my hatred.

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    • Mayor

      Well, if that is your reasoning you need to hate Pitt too. I realize we only played them 4 times but 0-3-1 is enough reason.

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      • rchris

        “Well, if that is your reasoning you need to hate” Southern Cal, Holy Cross, Navy, and something called Savannah A. C. I had to draw the line somewhere and 10 seemed a reasonable number. (I could’ve drawn it at 32, that’s how many times we’ve played LSU.)


        • rchris

          I actually do hate USC, but for another reason: We’ve played them 3 times, and each time we had to go out to L. A. to play them. And they still won’t play a home and home with us. McGarrity obviously scheduled UCLA because he couldn’t get USC.

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  26. Morris Day



  27. rugbydawg79

    Florida nothing compares


  28. BrightOwl

    Del Conte is correct. The intensity of the rivalries are what makes college football great. All of the emphasis on playoffs and championship trophies are making the sport less good.

    Do y’all remember the year when Bama lost their biggest rivalry game (a game that used to really matter), missed a chance at a conference title, but then got the opportunity to get themselves a big shiny trophy and crush the hopes of the team who did win the conference in last few minutes of the national title game?

    I remember. It wasn’t that long ago.

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  29. Classic City Canine

    Alabama by a country mile, then Tech, Florida, and Auburn.


  30. Mayor

    FU and UT the most for me with Auburn close behind. I have to admit I’m getting a little hate up for Bama too. The Tide kept the Dawgs from winning two national titles in the last 7 seasons and knocked us out of the playoff in 2018. Not to mention we lost the SECCGs and that title to them twice. LSU I’m starting to dislike too.


  31. CB

    In order of hate Florida, Tech, Tennessee, Auburn. Tennessee being the least important rival traditionally, but one I’d hate to lose.


  32. everybody in the SEC. Clemson. Texas. USC. ND. OSU. Michingan. PSU. Oklahoma. Nebraska. Duke.


  33. Russ

    Tech and Florida. Florida wasn’t worthy of my hate until I moved to Florida in 1990. Before that, they were just a toy I enjoyed playing with each fall.

    Auburn is up there as well, especially since $Cam and Fairley.


  34. Russ

    And Del Conte is 100% right. CFB is about the rivalries and ESPN/TV money seems hellbent on destroying that. Texas and A&M should play every year, as should Nebraska-OU, Kansas-Missouri, Pitt-Penn State, etc.


  35. Auburn (by a country mile)


    South Carolina


  36. Bigshot


    Beating GT doesn’t mean much, but if you lose to them, it is terrible.


  37. stoopnagle

    Cocktail Party, Deep South’s Oldest, and COFH.

    If the game has a name…


    • stoopnagle

      …if we’re talking about lost games then it’s Clemson.

      The real question is who are you more sick of: Bama or Clemson?


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      This is a more concise way to say what I said above. I’m gonna steal it. If the game is named, it’s a real rivalry. If it’s not, are series of geographic convenience.

      Florida (World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party), Auburn (Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry), and the NATS (Clean Old-Fashioned Hate) are real rivalries.

      Clemson, Tennessee, and South Carolina are series of geographic convenience.


  38. Come fall my activities revolve around college football games. I guess you can say I am junkie for the sport. With everything we are going trough, college football would be a welcomed distraction.