Alway$ be ‘crootin’.

It’s not easy being a recruiter these days.  Just ask Matt Borman.

That up-close-and personal connection through private dinners and a couple more traditional speaking stops, like so much, has been disrupted by the novel coronavirus.

Instead, Smart hooked up with members of The Hedges—the exclusive group for those who donate $100,000 a year—from his home for three one hour “Chalk Talk” Zoom sessions last month. Up to 20 members took part on each afternoon chat. Men’s basketball coach Tom Crean did the same last week in what he called two “clinic type presentations.” The coaches also took questions at the end of their talks.

“We’re trying to stay creative,” said Georgia Bulldog Club president and deputy director of development Matt Borman.

Those wallets aren’t going to open themselves.  Still, in these trying times, the message to donors has to be balanced.

Now, Borman’s staff of 16, including seven that are typically on the road for much of the time trying to raise funds, are working from home.

“It’s really not fundraising right now,” Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity said. “It’s really more of our staff checking in with our donors. We’re trying to reach out and just make points of contact and just stay in touch with our donors. To say there’s any aggressive type of fundraising activity now, it’s not occurring.”

Not right now, anyway.  In fairness, it’s going to get tough if Georgia doesn’t play football this year.

Borman said if there isn’t a 2020 season, football season ticket holders will get refunds for their tickets and their Hartman Fund donation.

“If there is no football season, and we hope that’s not the case, we will be in a situation where we’ll need our donors more than ever,” he said. “There will be a solicitation at that point to keep those dollars and provide some incentive to do that if that is a situation the donor will feel comfortable with.”

“Some incentive” covers a lot of ground.  I wonder what combination of sticks and carrots they’ve got in mind.  Hopefully, it won’t come to that.


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5 responses to “Alway$ be ‘crootin’.

  1. The Georgia Way

    If you need legislative assistance or your kid needs an acceptance letter or you just want to close that deal, rest assured we’ll schedule a zoom call.



  2. 79Dawg

    Maybe they can give out, “I gave $100,000 to the Hartman Fund and all I got was a lame zoom call” t-shirts…

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  3. I'm Georgia

    I’m thinking they will want to send 2 decks of cards and a cell phone fan. That ought to do it

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  4. If the season gets cancelled- and I hope it doesn’t- I will gladly take back every penny invested for 2020. that home schedule SUCKS!


  5. HauteDawg

    And with that, you now know who’ll be invited into the stadium to watch games and the rest can “eat cake.” Social distancing made simple.

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