Boom’s busts

Via Josh Kendall ($$) come these two factual tidbits:

  • “Florida went through five starting quarterbacks during Muschamp’s four years there. Last season, South Carolina sophomore Ryan Hilinski became the fifth player to start for Muschamp at the position.”
  • Bobo will be the fifth play caller in Muschamp’s nine seasons as a head coach, and Kurt Roper was hired twice, once at Florida and again at South Carolina.”

Agent Muschamp sure has worked with some considerate ADs in his career.


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2 responses to “Boom’s busts

  1. Ozam

    Kirby’s on his third OC in 5 seasons. Percentage wise worse than Boom. I think we can all agree neither is known for their offensive prowess.

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  2. J-Dawg

    The difference is that Kirby goes out to find the best regardless of cost. Boom goes and gets what USC can afford. Not a good long term strategy for success, but he got a winner in Bobo.