Don’t delete that expletive.

One brief note about the results from Seth Emerson’s fan survey ($$) I have to share.

While Herschel Walker was ranked as Georgia’s favorite player of all time (deservedly so), this is my favorite part of the vote:

Multiple people voted for “Todd (expletive) Gurley”.

Hells, yeah.


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11 responses to “Don’t delete that expletive.

  1. mddawg

    You know…Frederic (expletive) Chopin.

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  2. Cojones

    Damn friggin’ right.


  3. ugafidelis

    Todd was my first instinct, but I chose Chubb because of everything he overcame and how ’17 almost ended.


    • I was in my mother’s womb the last time Herschel suited up in Athens so I have no real experience of seeing him like a lot of Georgia fans do. I picked Chubb for the same reasons you did, but until proven differently – I’m not sure I’ve seen a better football player come through Athens than Todd Gurley.

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      • Todd was a great player. I agree he’s the best of today’s era. Size, speed, versatility.

        Herschel was a man among boys even in college. Everyone in the stadium knew Herschel was getting the ball and was rarely stopped. Everyone has seen the film of him running by and over people on the long runs, but he would make a 7 yard run look like a 2 yard run.


      • stoopnagle

        Todd was a guy who could will the team to win. Him missing so many games uselessly hurts my heart. I swear that year, Richt would sit Todd just to get him good and pissed off so he’d run roughshod over teams. What a player.


        • What he did against a vintage Bama defense in Atlanta as a true freshman is one of the greatest individual performances I’ve ever seen.


          • Mayor

            Yep. Would have gone down in Georgia history if CMR hadn’t choked away the win at the end.


            • Macallanlover

              Even for you, that is a major league, dumb comment. And that comes from some stiff competition because there is a long line of silly complaints from you (JAX isn’t a neutral site, UGA is disadvantaged, and you are an obvious fool if you ever pooch kick at the end of a game being prime examples.)


          • Kirby said they considered it a win any time someone other than Gurley touched the ball in that game. While everyone knew how special of a talent he was, that game showed what a warrior he was. It’s too bad no one blocked for him on that 3rd and short right before the deep TD pass. Pretty much the only time Bama stopped him that night.


  4. Castleberry

    I love how he gave the gory details. I went Robert Edwards. I was stunned when I realized I wasn’t the only one. I also saw other folks voted for UNLV as a non-conference opponent. I wrote in specifically that I wanted to play them in the Raiders new stadium. Wondering if it was the same folks that voted for Edwards…