How much does George Pickens matter?

For Jamie Newman?


I’m guessing a pretty good bit.


UPDATE:  Another stat about Newman’s surrounding cast…

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9 responses to “How much does George Pickens matter?

  1. Russ

    Yeah we saw that show last season. Hopefully Monken can get Newman comfortable with multiple targets.

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  2. Derek

    Wake’s OC must have called really bad plays when Surratt was out.

    If monken is any good he can call td plays for any wr.

    Because that’s how football works.


    • Greg


      Jake is gonna be pushing hard for a starting job, probably won’t do it this year….but I could see it happening. Whether it is the Bills or another program. Allen better bring his “A” game every day, cause Jake will be nipping at his heels.

      The Bills know what that got, he will make that position better. Thought he got a pretty dang good deal (contract) also for a 5th rounder.

      Would have liked to have seen another year from him at UGA…..but I understand why he did it. He has a chance now, he needs to make the most out of it….I believe he will.


      • I thought Murray would have a good shot, at least as a backup, in the NFL, but he washed out pretty quickly. Not sure what to think of Fromm’s chances….


        • Derek

          Murray was more talented.

          Fromm has an edge in the mental toughness side of things.

          We’ll see. My guess is that their nfl careers are similar i.e., practically non-existent.

          Hard to see a statue with questionable arm strength making it in the league these days.


      • Mayor

        I hope you are right Greg. I personally think Jake got drafted by the worst team he could have been. The Bills are loaded at QB.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    There seems to be a lack of faith Hankton can coach WRs to run the correct route and actually catch the ball.

    I’m repeating myself, but Coley had the WR position running like a well oiled machine. Wims, Hardman and Holloman needed coaching and time to develop, but became reliable. Godwin was dependable, as was Ridley. In a couple short years under Hankton the WR position is a bundle of question marks. If not for Pickens and his incredible talent it looks like we’d be in one heckuva mess.


    • Anonymous

      I don’t know if you can really blame Hankton here. The receivers were fine in 2018. Pickens and Blaylock were developing fine. The people that had problems with their routes were people that have always struggled.

      This should really be more of an indictment on Coley. Part of your job as a playcaller is to call plays that set your players up for success. If you know players are struggling with certain routes, plays, or concepts, you have to know that you can’t call them when they are in the game.


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    If Monken is the OC that CKS thinks he is I assure you that Monken and Hankton will be on the same page. There was combustible errors that lead to a 2 loss season. 1) the Road Graders could half way pass block but as far as drive blocking the defense off the ball there was always one or two or three missed blocks. 2) there was a lack of blocking by the H-Back/TE which was not involved in the passing game. ( Correct me if I am wrong but I think that position accounted for ONE TD in all of 19’. 3) the running game never really took off, Swift injury, Zeus confidence level ( also reason see reason (1 and
    2) Injuries to WR’s and CKS security blanket offensive tendencies to let the game be a defensive struggle. That works until you can’t score with the authority of your opponent. The UF was a game that was to close, for much of the UT game there were struggles. Auburn was another game that could got out of hand as easily as the other two. Special teams were not a high point fumbled punt returns and Hot Rod’s misses vs. USC were critical points that need correcting. Yet the Dawgs only lost 2 games but for Muson’s philosophy could have been 4. We still need to see over all better game management from CKS. Perhaps Monken will instill enough confidence in CKS to let him have free range of the HUNH offense.