Today, in roster management


Recruiting has been front and center during the coronavirus shutdown. Georgia has landed four commitments and has made a move for several others since the nation began, for the most part, sheltering in place, but things have been much quieter with the current roster.

That’s both a good and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because, for whatever reason, when a player enters the NCAA’s Student-Athlete Transfer Portal, it’s automatically considered to be negative. Georgia hasn’t dealt with any of that over the past two months but that doesn’t mean some change isn’t on the way.

Dawgs247 has broken down the current roster by class and, as it stands, the Bulldogs are going to need one more player to come off scholarship as long as the rest of the 2020 class enrolls on time. When you look at it closely, there are 67 players currently enrolled and on the team. There are 19 more expected to arrive when things get cranked back up and that puts UGA at 86.


Think he’s right? If so, whom do you see going?


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  1. I could see Speed, Brini, Poole, and Blount in particular leaving. Bennett might be a candidate for being a grad transfer if he hangs around this season. I was surprised Beal came back, but he too could be a grad transfer if he sticks it out this year.


    • Normaltown Mike

      yeah, I’m thinking real hard if I’ve ever even noticed those guys on the field or on a play.

      The CB/S is especially an expendable place b/c we’re bringing in so much and already have a good bit on roster


  2. Granthams replacement

    Blount or Poole.


  3. Geezus

    Landers – couldn’t catch a cold.


  4. mddawg

    Last year it seemed like every time we threw the ball to Landers, something bad happened. Looking at his stats I see that he caught a TD pass against Baylor in the bowl game, and I’m sure minds were blown all around the country.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    We need Stokes,and I wouldn’t want Johnson or the other DBs to leave. They all play – watch the games carefully. CKS substitutes freely on defense a lot, so just because they aren’t starters doesn’t mean they don’t see the field or play a key role. They also play on special teams. I know on replays that I have watched this winter, I have heard Brini, Poole and Speed’s name called several times without realizing they were in the game.

    Fortunately, Kirby knows this and that is all that matters. He knows the rules, and he knows what is happening behind the scenes and I just have to think he is a step ahead of Dawgs247 on this point.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Stokes ain’t going anywhere. The list of RS juniors is nothing but speculation. The season is still months away, if its held at all. Someone will elect to enter the portal, leave for medical reasons, or depart for some other reason (hopefully not due to discipline). Having 86 at this point actually reflects very well on Kirby’s roster management ability.


      • Argondawg

        Yeah Stokes is a helluva corner and a starter. Might as well list Zamir and Hill. My money would be on Poole though his play picked up at the end of last year.


  6. TN Dawg

    Is the NCAA expanding the scholarship limit in the event the season is scrapped and they allow an extra year of eligibility to players

    If not, that would make recruiting strange, as the only available spots would be from early entrees coming off of a non-season and seniors that chose not to exercise their extra year of eligibility.

    Schools might pull schollys from current players to sign new frosh?

    Hell, it might my be the worst time to be a portal master.


  7. dawgman3000

    I see Stetson Bennett and Matt Landers being the weak links on that list.


  8. Mayor

    I don’t know why Stetson Bennett isn’t playing somewhere else. He’s good enough to start at a G5 school or an FCS school for sure but likely can’t play at the SEC level. Does he just want to hold a clipboard and ultimately be a coach one day?

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  9. The Dawg abides

    Jake Rowe was reminded in he comments that he left off Nate McBride and Trayvon Walker, so the number is at 88.

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  10. Bigshot

    Oh please let it be Matt Landers!!!


    • Macallanlover

      The only reason a true fan would ever make a comment like that is if he really isn’t one. Scum, imo.


  11. CB

    “When you look at it closely, there are 69 players currently enrolled and on the team. There are 19 more expected to arrive when things get cranked back up and that puts UGA at 88.

    The NCAA’s scholarship limit is 85, so UGA needs one spot to open up “

    Is that a misprint in the article or am I just bad at math?