Greener pastures and rankings

I guess this was inevitable.

College football transfers are as prevalent as ever thanks to the transfer portal. Given that, it makes sense for us at 247Sports to attempt to measure the impact of the newcomers beyond the high school and junior college ranks.

This part of the evaluation actually makes some sense.

Transfers happen for a reason. Players transfer up for a better challenge, transfer down for more playing time, transfer out for a better environment, transfer in for personal reasons or any number of other scenarios. In some cases, we’re grading a young player with almost no experience. In others, we’re grading an experienced player that has had success but is on the decline or maxed out.

But the bottom line is that transfers do not succeed at the same rate as normal high school players. For the most part, your true elite impact players don’t transfer. They easily see playing time and succeed. They have no reason to transfer.

There’s one notable exception to that logic: quarterbacks.

You can look at the complete list here.  (Be forewarned:  there are a lot of names there.)  As indicated, most of the players there have seen their rankings dip once in college.

Here’s one example who bucked that trend, though.

Screenshot_2020-05-12 2020 College Football Transfer Portal

Here’s another, although the improvement is much smaller.

Screenshot_2020-05-12 2020 College Football Transfer Portal(1)

At least Kirby is taking kids who are trending in the right direction.


UPDATE:  By the way, the meltdown on the Gator board is glorious.  Posters are threatening to drop their Sports247 subscriptions over it.


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11 responses to “Greener pastures and rankings

  1. Timphd

    Best thing about that list is the Portal Master’s big coup of getting Lingard who was once a 5 star and is now rated a 3. Gators are ecstatic to have that
    “five star running back” who will transform their running game.


  2. The Dawg abides

    They dropped Cade Mays and Brenton Cox from 5 stars to 4 stars, and the Vols and gator fans aren’t happy.


    • mwo

      Has Mays been cleared to play this fall?


    • 123fakest

      Mays is a stud. Cox is a dud.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I’d say Cade is 4 star more than a 5 (the criteria for 5 is projected 1st round draft choice). Cade is a lot of things, but he’s not an NFL LT.

      We’ll find out but Cox might be closer to a 3* than a 4, much less 5*. Defensive players that look like Tarzan, play like Jane are a dime a dozen.


  3. DawgByte

    “Players transfer up for a better challenge, transfer down for more playing time, transfer out for a better environment, transfer in for personal reasons or any number of other scenarios.”

    LOL, on the first reason… what a joke. The author forgot one.

    “Players transfer out, because they can’t hack it and QUIT.”


    • PTC DAWG

      I think leaving the game is quitting…not transferring…kids transfer for all sorts of reasons..


  4. Rocketdawg

    Having scrolled through the majority of the list, I’m not sure you have the correct coach labeled as the Portal Master. Coach Scattered, Smothered, and Chunked over on the Flats has managed to snag several quality players from the Portal. He might actually have the Nerds competitive (at least in their division) in a relatively short period of time.


  5. What did you expect from a swamp thing…”superior intellect”…#FTMF


  6. GruvenDawg