The superior intellect

One place we’re routinely assured the Portal Master™ has a decisive advantage over Kirby Smart is in-game coaching.  Never mind that Mullen has yet to prevail in a single head-to-head meeting; rings are being run around even as the losses mount.

As a reminder, here is an example of genius.

Frustration on the Florida offense surfaced early last week in the game against Georgia as the Gators called two timeouts of their opening possession.

The Gators called timeout with 13:13 left in the first quarter, and then two plays later with 11:42 on a drive that went eight plays, but ultimately ended on an incomplete pass on fourth down at the Georgia 40-yard line.

Coach Dan Mullen said earlier this week that a lot went into calling the timeouts, and that there was an “administrative” problem. But Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley shed light on the issue in a podcast called “Dooley Noted.”

Dooley said a fan first raised the issue that some Gator players had the wrong wrist band.

“(Kyle) Trask was getting one play, the receivers were getting another, it was a disaster,” Dooley said, and later confirmed the issue. “So obviously, that’s a bad mistake. That’s a mistake that shouldn’t be happening in Week (10), that’s a mistake that shouldn’t be happening at a program like this with all the people that are running around with jobs.”

Some fans also pointed out that it was particularly embarrassing as the Gators were coming out of a bye week and seemingly should have plans like this ironed out.

‘Ya think?  Good job, fans.

Kirby’s done some stuff that’s made me pull my hair out, but I’d like to believe by the time he’s got a decade of being a head coach under his belt, he’ll at least have fully mastered the art of having everyone wearing the same play calling device.


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  1. thanks for posting – i saw this mentioned on their board and was wondering the details. klassik portal master mastery


  2. RangerRuss

    Kirby is a driven individual in a manner that completely escapes TPM cousin Eddie Mullen.However, Kirby has an advantage over TPM in J’ville in more than simply drive and administrative ability. Hatred and revenge. That was apparently motivation for the ol ball sack and appears to stimulate Kirby as well. Let’s hope CKS can curb his on field emotional lapses and evolve into a seasoned head coach before TPM gets tired of having his dick rubbed in the dirt and gains the same motivation. Oh, and
    Fuck those motherfuckers.


    • Russ

      I agree, RR. Kirby seems to have the same fire in his belly about the Gators that the ol’ Ball Sack has about us. I’d love to see Kirby run off a similar streak on the hand bags.


  3. Should you have yelled “WTF” plus pulling your hair out, you may have “some Manball issues”, please seek immediate professional/self medicating forms of relaxation ….you may return to your regular scheduled programming Bluto…(special team issues will be dealt with in another session)


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: 1. Mullen simply isn’t a grinder like Smart is. And 2. I think Smart/UGA is clearly in Mullen’s head at this point, as he’s clearly consumed given the previous comments he’s made along with some of the downright idiotic shenanigans he’s pulled (e.g. UF’s spring game attendance figures from last year, etc.)

    Finebaum said during his time spent with Mullen last summer that all he would talk about was Kirby Smart, which Paul found odd and disturbing if you’re a UF fan. On top of all that, you have Urban out there publicly starting that the UGA game this year is a must win, which I’m sure Dan really appreciates.

    When UGA bests UF by more than 7 points this year – and they will – I think the pressure on Mullen will start to become insurmountable for him, in which his days will start to be numbered.


    • I think the reason he obsesses over Kirby is that he believes the Georgia job was going to be his when McGarity decided to part ways with Richt. Why else would he have continued to toil in Starkville and be connected to other opportunities? When Kirby got the job, I’m sure MuLLLet believed that Kirby hadn’t paid his dues to get one of the best 5-7 jobs in the profession.

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      • Ben

        I remember many pining for Mullen to get the job since they saw what he’d done in Starkville; I was never one of those, and I’m so glad his smarmy ass ended up in Gainesville.


        • Absolutely in the same boat


        • Mayor

          I’m not a Mullen fan (I actually think he acts like a douche bag) but how do you know that if Mullen had gotten the UGA job in 2016 Georgia wouldn’t already have won a natty? Kirby’s best season came in 2017 primarily with Richt’s players. How do we know Mullen wouldn’t have taken Chubb, Sony, and won the whole thing by not going into an offensive shell in the 4th quarter of the NCG like Kirby did? Since 2017 Georgia has been 11-3 and 12-2. I know, I know, 247 recruiting ratings (Ain’t they great? That and $5.00 will get you a coffe at Starbucks. ). But really….If FU had beaten Georgia in 2018, FU would have gone to the SECCG. Assuming FU lost to Bama they would have gone to the Sugar Bowl instead of Georgia. If FU beat Texas the Gay-turds would have had a better record than the Dawgs. If FU had beaten Georgia in 2019…same thing. Like it or not they are RIGHT THERE. Sooner or later the Handbags are going to win in JAX. What are all you guys going to say about Mullen then? How inferior he is? How superior Kirby is? If you look back in history if CMR had beaten FU all those years rather than the other way ’round Georgia would have won those natties that FU won instead of the Gay-turds. It comes down to the game in JAX. If FU starts winning there again it will be same old, same old and Kirby will be the one on the hot seat. And some of the loudmouths on this blog will be among the first ones to put him there.


  5. How in the world did the wrong wristbands get put in the players’ lockers (not that I’m complaining)? Another one of those things I’m glad we do by putting all of that on the QB to receive and make the call. When you have 6 guys responsible for getting the right call, looking at their wristband, and then executing, that seems to be ripe for miscommunication.

    When we whip that Handbag @$$ in Jacksonville, the Jorts are going to be screaming for MuLLLet’s head.


  6. OrlandoDawg

    I’ve had great fun with this incident since the story came out last fall. My gator colleagues, less so. “My wristband says the meeting is at 10. What does yours say?” “Sorry I’m late. I had the wrong directions on my wristband.” “I wasn’t clear about that. I put on the wrong wristband this morning.” They bring it up now even when I don’t.

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  7. FlyingPeakDawg

    To clarify, it was not the wrong set of wristbands…they just had the left and right mixed up.


  8. I had fun online with a Gator fan yesterday. They don’t seem to like pointing out that Trask, while serviceable and well protected by the scheme and plays that Mullen calls for him (quick throws that don’t take a big arm), is just a guy. They also are convinced that the reason they couldn’t score any points last year in the Cocktail Party was lack of opportunity due to the defense giving up a bunch of 3rd down conversions, not their offense showing zero ability to move the ball down the field for the first 45 minutes of the game or so. To Gator fans – the offense cannot fail, it can only be failed by the Gator defense. It was just lovely.

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  9. Brandon M

    Yeah sure beating them is great. However I’m not satisfied squeaking these games out like we have the last 2 years. Call me greedy but I want the Florida side to turn from orange and blue to the ugly ass teal colored seats of Everbank TIAA whatever the hell the call it now stadium by the end of the 2nd quarter. I want Gator fans to walk in knowing they are about to get curb stomped and leave with no hope of a successful season left. I want epic 2017 style beatdowns every year until FU decides to quit playing football because of it. Is that too much to ask?

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    • Russ

      I agree. Hopefully Monken is just the laxative our offense needs. Of course I love watching our defense smother Sideshow Dan’s offense.


    • ugafidelis

      I’m with you. This series should be a story of the dominant team running up the score whenever possible for revenge. We’ve got a lot of ground to make up for the last 30 years and we need to take advantage of it whenever possible.


  10. The wristband saga definitely impacted their gameplay and likely the scoreboard. It was a nice favor to us. And I still think its hilarious.


  11. I really want to tennesse florida, and very soon.


  12. Doug

    The wristband debacle was a classic example of a team being underprepared and not sweating the details (see also Georgia through much of the Richt era). In the rare instances where Kirby’s really effed up, it seems to have been due to overthinking things (overreacting to the Carolina loss by going obsessively Manball) or getting a little too cute (the fake punt vs. Alabama). Obviously neither is ideal, but given the choice between a coach who underprepares and one who underprepares, I know which one I’d rather have on my sideline.


  13. Got Cowdog

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I’d not heard this (that I recall) until now and it’s glorious. I can imagine Ol’ Dan-O With an yuuuge WTF(?!) look on his face, and how long did it take ’em to figure it out?
    “WTF you mean they got different wristbands? Whose in charge of the fuckin’ wristbands? Do I have to do everything around here?”
    Couldn’t have happened to a better bunch of assholes. #FTMF


    • Gurkha Dawg

      I hadn’t heard of this either. That is so EPIC! ( my kids taught me to say that). Can you imagine if that had happened to us? Kirby would have ripped someone’s head off.