Time to get something off my chest, I guess.

I made the mistake yesterday of stumbling into a Twitter debate highlighted by this:

Ah, yes, 1990, the last refuge of the embattled Gator fan.  Literally.

Look, I’ve followed Georgia football for four decades.  Believe me, I know the shortcomings of my program better than this guy does.  At least I’m honest about them, which is more that he can say about himself.

Spurrier and Meyer owned Georgia for two decades.  There’s no question about that.  Since Corch left, though, Georgia leads the series with Florida 6-3, and the Gators haven’t won a conference championship.  That is current and that is reality.

What’s fantasy is your typical Gator fan’s belief that the period when Florida was coached by two Hall-of-Fame level coaches (skip the personal shortcomings for the moment) represents normality for their football program.  The truth is that what’s going on now — a good but not elite level of accomplishment — is what is historically normal for Florida football.

Could Dan Mullen win a conference championship?  Sure, why not?  Galen Hall did… sort of, anyway.  Florida’s got the kind of resources available to it, particularly in recruiting, that fans of most other football programs would sell their mothers to have.  They’re good enough for a program to win its share of titles.  It’s just that the story of Gator football over the years is mostly a story of squandering those resources.

What history tells us is that it takes an elite coach to guide Florida football to an elite level of accomplishment.  Is Dan Mullen an elite coach on the level of Spurrier and Meyer?  Something, something, 21-9, sez the Gator dude.

They’ll always have 1990.  Too bad it’s 2020.


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  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    1st beatdown = 1904 Macon, GA –
    UGA 52 Turds 0
    Overall beatdown = 54-43-2

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    • bcdawg97

      My favorite part of the overall record is that even a 18-3 run only still put them roughly 10 games down in the series. Talk about “owning”…

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    • tiredofidsearch

      Dont forget the 75-0 beatdown, back in the 40’s I believe. Worst beatdown in the series…


  2. 81Dog

    In 1990 we were 10 years removed from an NC. It took a few years to realize it wasn’t the 70s or 80s any more, ans Herschel was gone. They’ll figure it out eventually. You win for a while, you start thinking you have the magic formula, it will never change. Heck, tech people are still living like it’s the 1950s. One more win over Florida, and they’re basically in the same place as tech the last 10 years. MuLLLen is a good coach, but he Urban Lite: snarls great, less wins. Drink up, Handbags. November is coming.


  3. When a Handbag fan throws out the “College football started in 1990” argument, you know you have them … game, set, match. 1980 and the record over the last 30 years are the only things they have. Even 1980 has holes in it because the most important play in UGA history happened in 1980 on the banks of the St. Johns.

    The worm turned starting in 2011 (frankly, we should have beaten them in 2010 as well). We need to go to Jacksonville this fall with the intent of beating them senseless and ending all of this the “gap is closing” garbage.


    • ee, if UGA football performed 20 years worth of senseless beat downs, that wouldn’t stop those FU ass wipes from spewing their meaningless BS, senseless beat downs PLUS taking the trophy home to Athens town is the ONLY way….plus a few more wins in winter and spring sports against FU always helps the conversation along

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      • Otto

        Beating the Crocs senseless won’t change anything on their end. UGA needs a few natties otherwise they’ll continue to use the 1980 argument.

        Also a full grown Gator has a brain the size of lima bean.



  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Actually, your mistake was going to Twitter. 😉 What a sewer.

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  5. Russ

    You’re dead on, Senator. We’ve just put the series back where it has historically been. They had a great run for ~15+ years, but that’s it. Kirby’s about to go on a run similar to the ol’ Ball Sack. That will shut down the nouveau riche Gator fans permanently. The old Bull Gators know what’s up and have said so on their forum.

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    • I don’t lurk on their boards other than when the Senator posts a link to a thread in his Daily Gator posts, but I would love to see some of the things the old Gators are saying right now. I don’t talk the Cocktail Party with my Gator cousins, but they clearly don’t have much to say right now about it.

      Handbag tears are salty.


      • Russ

        One of the NR Gators was bitching about recruiting and how it’s ruining their legacy of championships, and one of the old timers corrected him by saying historically they were always a pretty good program, but certainly not entitled to championships. Basically, Spurrier and Meyer spoiled them, and both together were outliers from the true Gator record.


  6. tbia

    To me, its not just the W/L numbers, but the domination.

    Kirby coached against Mullen 7 times at Alabama, 7-0, cumulative score 199-60.

    2017 vs MSU. 31-3

    Last 2 years at UF, 2-0, 60-34

    So I got a total of 10-0, 290-97

    Go GATAH!

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  7. Senator, I totally get your point in all of this. We all know Mullen isn’t a “better” coach than Smart.

    But it makes me sad that the State of Florida, between UF, FSU and Miami have had 10 National Championships since ours in 1980.

    Sooo ready for Kirbs to finally put together the team that can win it all (again… since, obviously, in 2017 we could have).

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  8. Silver Creek Dawg

    I admit I waded into that argument yesterday. Pointed out that he conveniently forgot how UGA handed UF their ass in the 60s, 70s and 80s. And then reminded him that CFB was played by UF prior to 1990.



    • DaddyRichATL

      They actually won the 60’s
      Florida is 5-6 vs UGA since their last NC in 2008, but 21-9!
      1900’s 0-1
      1910’s 0-3
      1920’s 2-3
      1930’s 1-8-1
      1940’s 2-7
      1950’s 6-4
      1960’s 6-3-1
      1970’s 3-7
      1980’s 2-8
      1990’s 9-1
      2000’s 8-2
      2010’s 4-6

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      • Mayor

        This is exactly what I was talking about in my post below Daddy. This series has been about streaks. Georgia killed FU in the ’30s, ’40s, ’70s, and ’80s. FU killed the Dawgs in the ’80s and ’90s. Each team has had decades where each beat the other slightly more. But overall and recently (which is most important) Georgia has had control of this series.


  9. Busta

    They love to say “modern era” in regards to championships won. But in the modern era, the CFP era, they are the not so proud owners of a losing record (with a loss to FCS GA Southern), not even close to a playoff seed and now losing recruiting battles to tech, Colorado and TCU etc. I’m going to start pointing out how Mizz blew them out back to back seasons very recently too. Can’t for a few of those toss up games they’ve been in with bad teams to go the other way (MIA, Vandy, uK, SCar).


  10. You can partially blame CBS for this dumb ass line of reasoning since they would put up the W-L stat since 1990 every goddamn year until just recently. It started looking ludicrous after we started winning more than losing so they finally quit putting it up.


    • Otto

      It blows my mind how people harp on the UGA/UF record going back to Richt when UTk was miserable against UF.


  11. Spike

    When you start arguing your point with “Dude”.. then you’ve lost your argument. YMMV.


  12. practicaldawg

    Spurrier was truly an anomaly in the series, and he still only managed 1 NC in his time there before he quit. Corch + Tebow was the second anomaly. I’m fairly certain neither coach would have won NCs at UF if their time in the SEC had overlapped with Saban’s reign at Bama.


  13. Mayor

    Let’s put all the hyperbole aside and just look at the facts: The overall series record is 54-43-2 in favor of Georgia. The Dawgs have won 6 out of the last 9. The Dawgs have won the last 3 in a row. The series is squarely under the control of the University of Georgia. Did FU have a run where it won a lot of games for a while? Yes. Has Georgia had runs where the Dawgs won a lot of games? Yes, multiple such runs. Georgia owns this series at present but we have to be ever vigilant because, as pointed out by the Senator above, FU is well financed and the flagship university of a highly populous state with outstanding HS football and many excellent players.