Dan Mullen and the greater good

Dan Mullen isn’t a selfish man.  He doesn’t want college football back because it means schools will get paid, which in turn means Dan Mullen will get paid.  No, he sees a bigger, more selfless picture.

“I think, for the American psyche, games being played would be a good thing,” Mullen said. “I think you’re starting to see other sports coming back. I’ve seen NASCAR looking like it’s coming back. The PGA Tour, it looks like they’re coming back. I think it would be great for the American psyche to have football. It would be great for our people.”

Look, I love college football deeply, but I’m under no illusion that it occupies the minds of the majority of my fellow Americans, and certainly not in the way it does Mullen’s.  People have bigger fish to fry right now, like getting a paycheck and avoiding dying.  Live football, while nice, doesn’t register as highly on the psyche meter.

Hell, Dan gives the game away with his next comment.

The one thing Mullen is opposed to when it comes to playing college football this year is waiting until every state has gotten the green light to hold sporting events. The Gators head coach thinks that would be detrimental to the parties involved with college football.

“I think what we have to do is we can’t get caught in the ‘until every school in the country is ready to get back and play football, no schools can start,’” Mullen said. “I think that it is a very naive way of thinking. I don’t think it’s a very healthy way of thinking. I don’t think it’s good for the sport, the game of football, or the individuals who are playing.”

“I don’t think it’s a very healthy way of thinking.”?  LOL.  Nice choice of words there, sport.


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14 responses to “Dan Mullen and the greater good

  1. Cynical Dawg

    Every college football coach is the love child of a gym teacher and a televangelist.

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  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Paycheck, avoid dying, college football. I’m not sure that’s the right order there Bluto.


  3. Ben

    I’m prepared for there to be no college football this fall, and if they push it to spring, we get the greed confirmed (as if we needed that), but putting unpaid and uncompensated athletes at risk so that ESPN has content and we’ve got something to watch really puts an emphasis on the inequitable nature of this situation.

    I mean, do any of us REALLY THINK that a majority of these kids want to put themselves and their health at risk when their parents and grandparents are parts of the demographic most disproportionately affected by this virus?


  4. TripleB

    I actually agree with Mullen, though he certainly has more to gain from football than I. I’m a college football junkie, and I actually think football (college and pro) is a really big deal for much of America. I think it will be a big blow to our psyche if there is no football.

    On a larger scale, I think we better start figuring out how we CAN DO things rather than waiting until everything is perfect to get our country going. I think a lot of national figures want to stay closed for more sinister reasons than health and safety. Of course, others are pushing too quickly for equally sinister reasons.

    We know enough to know the risks and make individual decisions as to how to reduce the risks. We can have the medical situation stabilized such that reopening things by August is feasible. We better start moving or we’re going to do real, permanent damage to this country. Football is a small part, but it can be a big symbol that we’re coming back.

    I’m sure the kids want to play, probably without enough regard for the risk. It is our job to make it safe for them (as safe as football can be). If we can make it safe for them, the rest of us can make our own choices about going or staying home.

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  5. hemophilic

    Sometimes when someone says they want to see things start returning to normal, that’s what it means and there’s no selfish ulterior motive. Mullen is getting paid regardless, because that’s how contracts work. So the ridiculous inference that he made the comments he made so that he gets paid are completely asinine.

    Thank goodness nobody give a shit what you think.


  6. UGA '97

    he means, the partial, regional, sec conference, east divisional American psyche.


  7. I read this and took it at face value and then with a spin. I don’t think Mullen is a devil, FWIW, and taking it at face value … it’s a fine statement. And why should Gainesville wait because NYC and LA County are shut down? Maybe we don’t football, but getting back to “normal” as we can is good.


  8. I’m not a huge fan of Mullen but I really don’t think he said anything wrong or anything I disagree with.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    If Covid can spread to Boris Johnson, Von Miller, Tom Hanks, Sean Payton, White House workers who get tested daily, etc., it can spread to anyone. Mullen appears to think Covid is like 5-star recruits; it’ll run the other way when he’s in the vicinity. He’s not immune and last time I looked Covid was still continuing to spread with no decline projected through June.


  10. practicaldawg

    The more Mullen talks, the easier it is for me to understand why he’ll never be an elite HC. He’s a back office guy — good at the technical things but terrible at being a people person and filtering his thoughts before he speaks.


  11. David Yachabach

    I would agree with your point that coach Mullen’s comments about restarting football were in reference to attitude and psyche. This is where our agreement ends.

    Most of us are aware that we are far more likely to die of almost anything but Corona virus. Most of us are not interested in living our lives in fear from this one infection. It is naive to assume that the resumption of sports is a trivial, unnecessary, too risky proposition. The second and third order consequences of shutting down an entire society have not made themselves obvious yet. But know that they will. Sports and art bring people together physically and emotionally. It is essential we get back to living as the social animals we are.