That’s that.

When it comes to Georgia football, Danny Kanell is never wrong.


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  1. mwo

    Fuck Those Mother Fuckers and Fuck Danny Kanell too!

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  2. josh hancher

    He’s just here for the clicks. As much as I loathe Wolken – he’s an actual journalist- not a good one, but actually works. Danny just slithers around and pipes off absurdity and trolls everything.

    I can’t wait until he gets fired again. Reap what you sow, Danny


  3. Sweet D

    So Newman has to be the next coming of Joe Burrow for us to be successful? Got it.


    • Russ

      But Newman is from the ACC. I thought Danny said that’s where the best football is played? I’m so confused.

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    • Attempting to draw comparisons from last years lsu qb to “Hello Newman” for UGA this year is pure click bait bullshit, true this dick head has competed at a level not experienced by many who give opinion based verbiage, kennells only saving grace is the fsu 95 season of his career,…throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks is his schtick of shame

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  4. Has anyone seen the Pixar shorts called “Forky Asks a Question”. They should really animate this joker and call it “Danny Has an Opinion”.


  5. Every sentence was a strawman mixed in with double standards mixed in with outright misrepresentations.

    if our OL has issues, what about theirs?
    if Kyle Trask is excellent, why not last year?
    Lol Newman has to be Burrow because trendier
    if Grantham is the best dc ever, where has he been?


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  6. Silver Britches

    I just can’t get that worked up about this.

    We have no margin for error with Alabama early. Florida’s schedule is pitiful. While I personally think we should be the favorites until someone unseats us, and our problems are in focus while Florida’s are glossed over, I can certainly see why some people would pick Florida.


  7. josh hancher

    If PAC12 shuts down football and JT Daniels gets to Gainesville via portal – how fast would they be kicking Trask to the curb?


  8. CEPH

    Kanell has so many teeth when he smiles he looks like a mule eating briars through a barbed wire fence!


    • wallybuttsin

      There’s no reason to insult mules! What have they ever done to you?


      • CEPH

        I guess it is because every time I see a mule I think of Kannel. It is almost like a continuing nightmare, just sayin!!!! (thank God I’m not around many mules)


  9. Standard preseason clock baiting. And UF fans are different from us as they actually believe statement like this, by dumbasses, at face value. And they then buy stuff. Itd be like if we fawned over Tony Barhart for saying Go Dawgs. Different DNA. We’ve spend our was on travel and tix. Vs mags and quips.