“As Kanell points out…”

I know I shouldn’t waste time reading Connor Riley’s shi… er, stuff, but, damn, I’ve got to give the guy credit for pulling off a tough “watch me click bait off some click bait” move with this:

It’s what Kanell said about Georgia’s probable starting quarterback, Jamie Newman, that is pretty spot on.

“I think too many people are plugging in Jamie Newman, the transfer from Wake Forest to Georgia, and just assuming it’s going to work,” Kanell said. “I need to see it. Georgia has a bunch of issues across the offensive line they need to fix.

“I don’t know if Jamie Newman is going to be the next coming of Joe Burrow. I would bet against it, considering that standard that Burrow set.”

This like the worst guy you know actually making a good point. You hate to see it.

Newman has yet to officially win the starting job, though it was widely assumed he will do so. You don’t pass on schools like Oregon and Miami to come and play back-up at Georgia for your final season of eligibility.

No one is realistically expecting him to pull a Burrow…

And yet, Kanell said it, because he knew he’d get a reaction, which is what Riley’s “Danny Kanell made a fair and accurate point” does, as well.  Funny how that works.

For the record, since I’m already here with this, Georgia doesn’t need for Newman to be Burrow.  It just needs for him to direct an offense that functions better than the one we watched the second half of last season.  Admittedly, that sucks as click bait, but what’s a blogger to do?



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  1. Offensive line issues to fix? I guess the other Orlando village idiot hasn’t read about the offensive line recruiting at Georgia the last 4 years.

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    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who read that and was sort of miffed. What issues are there? I didn’t know replacing OL was an issue.


      • MGW

        Replacing two first round tackles and a mid draft guard is never going to happen without some issues, but there is no team in the country who has recruited as well at OL as UGA since Smart took over. It isn’t the end of an era or anything.


        • I guess it’s semantics. When I hear issues I think of talent or coaching deficiencies (or off-field stuff). I mean… Florida’s OL was a dumpster fire last year when it came to run-blocking. To me, that’s an issue. Replacing talent is a question, but one that could easily have an answer (i.e. replacing it with other talented players).


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Man, DawgNation has fallen down so quickly it’d give you whiplash to try to follow it.


  3. gastr1

    It does amaze me that no one seems to care about the defense’s role. Perhaps I’m giving too much credit to commenters who don’t deserve any, but have they looked at LSU last year and just decided that no defense matters anymore?

    Seems to me that has to be the same logic as expecting someone to basically be Burrow/LSU’s offense last year, in effect establishing he/it as the new normal for winning a title.


  4. Please move along, nothing to see here…..

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  5. Rocketdawg

    The “Georgia has issues on the Offensive Line” narrative is so tired and lazy.

    In some order we should have Hill, Schaffer, Salyer, and Cleveland in 4 of the 5 slots. All have started or played significant snaps over the last several seasons. The fifth spot will most likely be manned by Webb, McClendon, Truss, or B. Jones. There is obscene talent at the offensive line position.

    Newman has to be a facilitator and distribute the ball like a point guard in basketball. He doesn’t have to throw for 6,000 yards and 60 TD’s (although I wouldn’t complain if he does).


  6. Greg

    “I know I shouldn’t waste time reading Connor Riley’s shi… er, stuff, but, damn”.

    Gotta agree, he is usually a couple of days behind. Quit clicking on his old news stuff a long time ago.


  7. Russ

    Well, Kanell didn’t disappoint. I asked the other day why Kanell wasn’t pumping up Newman since he was an ACC product and Kanell is an ACC shill. So now I see that Newman could be the next Burrow, but Georgia’s offensive line woes are too much to overcome, so we’ll suck. Or something like that.

    As Bluto said, besting last year’s offense is a pretty low bar. Just use a modicum of imagination, take care of the ball, and we’re there.


  8. A lot of teams would love to have our “offensive line issues.”


  9. Busta

    Pretty much every sunshine (State) pumper I either talk to or hear why this upcoming season FL’s season says “GA lost their OL and Swift.” It annoys and reassures me at the same time. Know thy enemy, they fail. Thy enemy are all dipshits, we win.


  10. Doug

    Wow. Considering that Jamie Newman hails from the mighty ACC, I was expecting Kanell’s hot take to be more along the lines of “Newman’s prowess is the only thing that can lift Georgia out of utter mediocrity.”


  11. stoopnagle




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  12. TN Dawg

    “For the record, since I’m already here with this, Georgia doesn’t need for Newman to be Burrow. It just needs for him to direct an offense that functions better than the one we watched the second half of last season.”

    That’s still a big ask.

    Minus 4 starters on the line, two of whom were first round draft picks.

    Minus one dynamic running back that was nearly a first round pick.

    The only real knowns on offense are the wide receivers, who have been mostly excoriated as the major contributing factor to last year’s lackluster performance.


    • Okay, I’ll bite: How many losses do you see on the schedule?


      • TN Dawg

        One regular season is my baseline. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think we lose one to either Bama, Barn, Lizards or Vowels.

        From there, any other loss means we don’t get the cheese, be it regular season or post season.


    • Oh ye of little faith…

      (that’s what it’s come to for me: “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.”)


    • 3 starters – Thomas, Kindley and Wilson. Mays was not a starter unless someone else got was hurt.

      I’ll take Big Ben (assuming he gets back eligible) over Mays any day of the week. Salyer looked better than Mays did at tackle in the bowl game.

      No doubt it’s going to be a challenge to replace Andrew Thomas for his leadership and skills.


  13. Texas Dawg

    Due to the fact that these are college kids who graduate/leave for NFL EVERY school has issues EVERY year. You have to replace starters or key backups constantly. Maybe Kanell’s memory is failing and he forgot this. Apparently Kanell has failed to notice that the OL at UGA is stocked with more blue chips than any position and possibly the most on any team period. Sure there are big shoes to fill, but we have plenty of people with big feet.
    No one expects Newman to be Joe Burrow. Last year was one for the ages. What we do expect is a really solid veteran QB that can make all the expected plays, not make a lot of mistakes, and 2-3 times a game use his mobility to either run for a gain or buy himself a little more time to make a play. Of course we expect him to be the starter given his experience vs the youngsters. As with Fromm/Eason, anything can happen, but I would not bet on it.


  14. 2675miller

    Newman isn’t the typical transfer like Burrow or Fields. Those guys never started a game before arriving at their respective schools. Fields never started a game and was in a new system yet finished 3rd in the heisman ballot. Newman brings in more starts than Burrow did coming into last season. The fact is that he is a tough runner and is a darn good downfield passer. Based on the film he is particularly good against man coverage which was the problem with the qb last season. If all they ask him to do is manage games then they are making a serious mistake.


  15. Mayor

    I watched some Wake 2019 replays. I’m unconvinced Newman will be the starter at the beginning of the season much less finish the season as the starter.


  16. CB

    “This like the worst guy” this kid has typos in every article he writes. AJC apparently can’t afford a decent editor.