Promises, promises

If “this year, Georgia is really going to use the tight ends more” is the evergreen siren song of the Dawgs’ offense, “Good things do indeed appear to be headed James Cook’s way this season” is the flavor of this offseason.


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  1. I have never understood why we haven’t taken Cook and turned him into a Mecole type of slot man. For him to run in a traditional running back position, you almost have to be in 10 personnel to spread the field and let him hit the creases.


  2. CEPH

    I wish Kirby would just quit flapping his gums about James Cook and just play him. Ever since Cook has been at Ga. Kirby has extolled his virtues as a running back and “we need to get him into the game more” meanwhile Cook sits on the bench. I can’t believe he has talked so much about one player and then doesn’t play him. This is one of those, I will believe it when i see it!!!

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  3. Rocketdawg

    The misconception is that Cook is a small/scat back type of player when he is listed at 5’11/190 on the official depth chart. He could absolutely be an every down run between the tackles type of back.

    My creative side though would love to see them flex him out as a slot or outside the numbers receiver. I watched a YouTube video of a coach explaining the different variations of the 4 verticals concept and how you can use it to create mismatches. In one example he showed how the Saints would flex Darron Sproles out of the backfield and line him up outside the numbers. The defense has to either walk a LB out to cover (LB vs shifty RB in space, advantage offense) or the outside DB would have to shift on position out to cover which leaves the slot WR covered by a LB or safety (advantage offense).

    Not to belabor a point but this is what we were missing last year with Coley. Zero creativity in scheming weapons open and creating mismatches by alignment or formation.

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  4. Bigshot

    Cook will get the ball no doubt and the first time he gets hit he will be out for the rest of the game.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Undersized scatbacks have rarely done well at UGA, or in the type of offense Kirby is intent on running. The simple truth is we have better RBs than Cook, and they also fit the offense better. We also have better WRs than Cook that also fit the offense better. Cook hasn’t contributed much in the KR or PR game either. On a talented roster a player has to make the most of his opportunities or he gets passed by.

    I’m not saying Cook doesn’t have talent. Fields had/has lots of talent. But changing the entire offense to maximize those abilities ain’t easy, or perhaps realistic.


    • Rocketdawg

      5’11/190 is the approximate same size as Sony was his Jr year but don’t let that get in the way of your “too small” narrative. (Psst…..he’s also a little bigger than D.Swift too).


      • Tlkdawg

        Swift & Sony have both been listed as 215, not exactly the same size and certainly not smaller than Cook.


  6. Russ

    Well, if we don’t use him, the next level will for sure. The kid’s got plenty of talent. The coaches just need to figure out how to use it.


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I would like to see Cook break out, but I have to admit I am skeptical. When I watch him, it isn’t lack of talent that I see, but uncertainty. He always looks indecisive to me. He has the physical ability that allowed him to be indecisive and get away with it in high school, but not so much in the SEC.

    If I have Swift and Cook to choose from, I am picking Swift not because Swift is bigger, faster, stronger, but because he makes decisions better. When Andre uses the dead leg to plant and cut, he can do that because like Wayne Gretzky knowing where the puck is going to be, Andre knows where the defender is moving to and decides how to use the defender’s momentum against him. When he does a spin move it’s the same thing, but usually involves more than one defender. That’s a gift that I don’t see in Cook, but if he can find it, the sky’s the limit. I’m just not betting on it right now.