Putting a face with a name

Are you somebody who gets confused when you hear terminology like “11 Personnel”?  Well, here’s a handy chart you can use to sort that out.


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  1. It’s simply the number running backs and tight ends on the field. We were in a lot of 4 wide formations last year with an 11 personnel grouping.


    • Even at those groupings, opposing dc’s still employed 8 in the box…moving forward, hopefully UGA can just give the impression of “show us 8 in the box” and you’re screwed….


      • I always thought it was an absolute waste to have Woerner or Wolf split out of the formation. They weren’t Moss type of hybrid players to get someone out of the box. You had no one able to block at the point of attack. We ran a ton of 11 grouping with the Bobo offense of 2012-14. That tight end was typically the player that was attacking the seam/hash behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties.

        Hopefully, Washington is that type of player who can split out and line up tight where you have to account for him on every play.

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  2. josh hancher

    I put up three plays from UGA in the comments. The good ol I formation and then a play that looked like 00 personnel.

    UGA almost exclusively ran 11 or 12. But would flex out TE to resemble 10 Personnel. Even when UGA went empty/00 it was with 11 personnel.

    Maybe with some of the same incoming talent- UGA can find another WR and run 10


  3. Tony Barnhart

    So based on the comments, can we definitely say that a personnel grouping is (a) where / how they’re lined up on a play or (b) the position we routinely call that player? What if the play features James Cook, Woerner and Wolf but they’re all sort of bunched up in semi-slot positions in a wide receiver stance.


  4. So I’m assuming Mike Leach loves him some “00” and “10” personnel groupings.


  5. Rival

    I wanna see some 13 out there this year with Zeus and Pickens and everyone on scholarship at TE.


  6. Nice. Not too hard a concept for anyone that enjoys learning about football, but it just doesn’t translate to the ear very well whether watching TV or on radio.

    ” Herschel the back in 11 personnel” ewww.