What have I done for me lately?

Oh, cry me a fucking river.

“It’s going to suck for future prospects and no one is really saying it. Say I have a (top recruit) and I’m telling them ‘you’re my best, you’re the world, you’re my joy.’ Well you’re not if I get a transfer that can come and play right away,” said head women’s basketball coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin. “Because at the end of the day you’re still a freshman that needs to go through the transition phase. I think that somebody needs to go and share that narrative. If you are top, you could easily go from top to third or second if the transfer situation goes through. So not only will it hurt us, as we don’t know what team we’re going to coach each year, but it’s also going to hurt the freshman I believe.”

She’s pissed, not because she might take a transfer, but because if she does, she exposes having lied to a recruit.  And this is coming from a women’s basketball coach.

Meanwhile, from the Laner:

“This is a different era of college football. It’s more like the NFL with how you manage your roster,” Kiffin said. “These kids leave so often. We had maybe five go into the portal before we got here. They came back, but normally, they don’t come back. I think people plan on losing kids after spring, so that’s why we save some (roster spots). Because you’ll see a lot of kids leave after spring because it’s not going exactly the way they want.”

“Yeah, those kids shouldn’t make a preemptive decision to leave because of a coaching change.  I mean, I just got here.  I should get to decide who leaves because of a coaching change.”

Oh, and if this isn’t rich, considering the source.

“I can get in this portal so I can get some attention. We’re in a generation of just wanting attention no matter what. So now, I can go in this (portal), get an article written about me, and get re-recruited because I don’t like exactly how something’s going,” Kiffin said in March 2019.

These people are sociopaths.



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6 responses to “What have I done for me lately?

  1. I’m usually not one who is big on RUTS on an overmatched opponent, but I hope Little Nicky wallops Junior this year.


  2. Cynical Dawg

    EVERY college sports coach is the love child of a gym teacher and a televangelist.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Slightly off topic, but I am a bit surprised we didn’t snag a transfer from Ole Miss since Luke came on board. Perhaps it was part of an agreement Luke had when he was booted (bought out?).


  4. Paul

    “I think that somebody needs to go and share that narrative.“ True statement. YOU need to go and share that narrative. You’re the one who will make that decision. You make it you own it.


  5. There’s really no such thing as a sociopath. Psycopathy is the disease….Lane is a pyscopath.