It just means more… screaming.

Yeah, I can see where this is heading.

The NCAA Division I Council, a 40-member decision-making body made up of key college athletics figures, could lift a nation-wide moratorium on on-campus summer activities, multiple sources told Sports Illustrated, creating a pathway for schools to welcome back their athletes as soon as June 1. The ban, triggered in March amid the coronavirus outbreak, expires May 31.

Council members have three options. They can keep campuses shutdown completely by extending the ban, an unlikely ruling, according to people knowledgeable about the discussions; they can open campuses for voluntary training (without coaching interaction); or they can grant required training (with staff interaction). Members are in somewhat agreement on allowing voluntary access…

… But many administrators are hoping the Council lifts the ban to allow required training, when players can have their normal summer activity maximum of eight hours per week—six with strength coaches and two with on-field coaches…

Many conferences are expected to meet soon to discuss conference-wide rulings on summer activity…

The SEC is farther along than most, as the league stretches across a region of the country reopening at a quick pace. Ten of the conference’s 11 footprint states have at least started a reopening plan. Kentucky, the only state lagging behind, is scheduled to begin opening retail businesses Wednesday and plans by May 25 to allow for gatherings of no more than 10. In at least a half-dozen SEC states, gyms are reopening, a point of contention among athletic administrators. In fact, at a handful of SEC schools, recreational facilities on campus will open June 1. “That’s happening a lot around the conference,” says one league athletic director. “If our kids can work out in the recreation center, why can’t we go to the facility? We feel like our facility is safer.”

Leave it to the SEC to gain a competitive advantage from a pandemic.  Hell, Saban probably had a couple of staffers gaming it out a while back.


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8 responses to “It just means more… screaming.

  1. Got Cowdog

    I keep saying it. They’re playing. And based on the full Home Depot parking lot this morning? The at large populous is no longer taking the COVID 19 seriously at all.


  2. TN Dawg

    I worked out at my gym today.

    I wiped down the equipment when I was done. Just as I did before the virus and now after the virus.


  3. Gurkha Dawg

    Augusta is pretty much over the virus. The elective surgery schedule is at about 80% of normal and by the end of next week will be 100%. We just have to come to some consensus on how much risk we are willing to take. It will never be zero.