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Not the hot take you were expecting

This comes from someone whose bio says, “Managing editor of @soonerswire powered by USA TODAY Sports” and I don’t know what to think of it.

I mean, I assume there’s something wrong there, but here’s the follow up.

If that’s a shot at the debacle that is SEC scheduling, bud, you’re preaching to the choir there.  If it’s a shot against Georgia, c’mon, man.  The Dawgs finished with Sagarin’s 13th ranked strength of schedule last season and FPI projects them with the 18th ranked SOS in 2020.  Not to mention what Georgia has coming up on the schedule over the next decade plus…



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In loco parentis

As a mom or dad of a college student, nothing would reassure me more than knowing **checks notes** college presidents tell Vice President Pence that being shielded from lawsuits if students get sick would make them likelier to physically reopen their campuses.


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“I’ve been very much a homer.”

Here’s a Munson clip I’d never had the pleasure of watching until Jerome from Decatur brought it to my attention yesterday.

Munson being a pessimist about Georgia football was one thing.  Being a pessimist about the Falcons… well, how could you not?


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