Not the hot take you were expecting

This comes from someone whose bio says, “Managing editor of @soonerswire powered by USA TODAY Sports” and I don’t know what to think of it.

I mean, I assume there’s something wrong there, but here’s the follow up.

If that’s a shot at the debacle that is SEC scheduling, bud, you’re preaching to the choir there.  If it’s a shot against Georgia, c’mon, man.  The Dawgs finished with Sagarin’s 13th ranked strength of schedule last season and FPI projects them with the 18th ranked SOS in 2020.  Not to mention what Georgia has coming up on the schedule over the next decade plus…


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  1. josh hancher

    Takes break from Ga DPH daily Covid report- googles


  2. josh hancher

    Ok. Now do, Texas Tech, Kansas (the lowest talented P5 team 247 composite) Kansas State. Pipe Down Boomer Sooner and win a playoff game once

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  3. ATL Dawg

    This wasn’t really his point but, as a season ticket holder, I thank him for drawing attention to the fact that our schedule is incredibly boring and stale. Those 10 static games include 2 good ones (Auburn and Florida), only 1 of which is ever at home. The other 8 games are dull, repetitive filler.

    As for the other 2 slots on the schedule, here are the ones that are at home over the next 5 years…

    Arkansas (2021)
    Ole Miss (2023)

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    • Normaltown Mike

      “Those 10 static games include 2 good ones (Auburn and Florida), only 1 of which is ever at home. The other 8 games are dull, repetitive filler”

      I hate to be the one to point out that the Tennessee games, the South Carolina games and (sadly) Mizzou and Vandy on occasion, are not gimmes for us. We’re trending away from those teams, but Kirby’s 17-19 run through the SECE is the exception, not the rule to our history

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      • Gaskilldawg

        Even with UT not being a good team it is fun to be in the stands when we best it.


      • ATL Dawg


        Nice attempt at trying to make the schedule look better by pointing out that we usually aren’t a great team. I guess that somehow makes those games better and more attractive.

        Tennessee hasn’t been good in 15-20 years. South Carolina, Mizzou, and Vandy have almost never been good.

        Again…dull, repetitive, and uninteresting.

        But I actually purchase the product (for now anyway), so that might explain why I expect something worth buying and going to.


    • Mayor

      The boring home schedule is exactly why I’m against the Georgia-Florida game being played in Jacksonville every year.


      • ATL Dawg

        I hear ya. That game is a hot button issue but I don’t really care whether it stays in Jax or not (I admit that I go down there once every 3 or 4 years). Instead, I take a high level approach. It’s their job to make the home schedule worth buying season tickets for. How they do it doesn’t matter to me. But I’m also not interested in hearing the usual laundry list of excuses for why they failed. And failing for 5 years in a row, like they’ve done for 2020-2024, is inexcusable.

        Before the pandemic, I was of the opinion that there would be a gradual decline in season ticket demand during these 5 years. Now it will probably be accelerated. Not so much this year because they got everyone locked in before the pandemic thanks to their personal seat license scheme (aka “required donations”). However, starting next year is when the numbers will really start to change.


  4. We typically play 2 (and soon sometimes 3) P5 OOC opponents per year. All I have to say to any OU person is “Scoreboard.”

    We’ll be coming to Norman with bad intentions.

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    I don’t see a point here…

    Maybe I do, Mizzou joining our conference is/was a joke.

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  6. josh hancher

    No one has anything on UGA scheduling for the next 15 years. That’s an absurd take.

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  7. Down Island Way

    These scheduling issues don’t fall at the feet of the AD….not UGA’s fault all vandy does is ca$h checks, not UGA’s issue that mizzu is in the wrong conference, not UGA’s problem (except in the winter) that uk is a bourbon state with a basketball problem, not of UGA’s doing that the north ave. fucking trade school SUX pencil lead and it is not UGA’s making (well maybe) that FU can’t score or recruit against Kirb’s….#FTMF, the schedule is what it is, right now not many coaches want to come to Dooley Field @ Sanford stadium and lose, maybe the atl….tight lines….

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  8. HiAltDawg

    Yeah, and the only time we play Oaklahoma is when we want to win ANOTHER Rose Bowl


  9. UGA '97

    what’s wrong is having conference divisions, need to rid those, they are out dated if we consoder confirm championships as the
    CFP quarterfinals…we need better matchups…no one cares about the pac12 southern winner, the ACC coastal winner, the SEC East winner anymore. shot- the new years 6 is the NIT.


  10. Mayor

    Did that guy analyze FU’s schedules? They almost never leave the state.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, and I like how he tries to distance himself from OU (“they’re not ‘my team’ “). The guy literally writes a fan blog and trolls Twitter (that last part may be redundant).


  11. Lazy Grad

    So, he’s wanting to dog on UGA’s schedule since 2012? UGA has played Clemson (2013 and 2014) and Notre Dame (2017 and 2019) more times than some SEC West schools (the number of SEC games is determined by the conference not the school, last I checked). Dog, if he must, which is fine, but he should also give credit, as well, which he has not, so… ftmf.

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  12. Yurdle

    I don’t think “guaranteed” means what he thinks it means. UGA didn’t play that schedule in 2019. It didn’t play that schedule in 2017. It did have a crappy 2018 schedule, but it’s 2020 schedule doesn’t match.


  13. Yurdle

    …Although props to OU man for treating Auburn and Florida as basically free wins. That’s both awesome and absurd. Those two teams were both SP+ top-10 to end the season, and UGA beat both away from home.

    If you find yourself knocking a schedule that included only 2 top-10 teams (plus another in the SECCG, plus Texas A&M, plus ND), you might need to reconsider the point you’re making.

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    • And we beat down the Baylor team they struggled to beat twice.


    • Sisjey

      This is a dumb take to have. The only teams that consistently have a harder schedule than Georgia are Auburn, LSU and Alabama. I don’t include the rest of the SEC West because they are : a) other rans b) play a horrible out of conference schedule.
      I understand from the comments above that this guy is an Oklahoma fan/ schill which accounts for some of his bias. Oklahoma generally plays a good out of conference schedule because their in conference schedule sucks. Texas has not been a top team for 10 years and the rest of their schedule contains ranked teams but no one that beats them as a favorite.
      If Georgia were in the Big 12 the past 20 years they’d have a minimum of 5-8 conference titles.


  14. Uglydawg

    Kegan is as dumb as a three day old possum.


  15. stoopnagle

    When someone from Soonersville is Dawg-Grading the entire SEC East, you’ve been doing something right. I’ll take the compliment.

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  16. mwo

    Is she still pissy about Vandergriff decommitting from chokelohoma?


  17. Union Jack

    #talkinseason ….


  18. WTM

    Apparently still salty over that Rose Bowl loss. He seems incapable of comprehending a strength of schedule ratings list–pretty surprising coming from the managing editor of a twitter feed.


  19. practicaldawg

    And OU is guaranteed to play the defenseless Big 12 every year. Also guaranteed to get housed round 1 of the CFP every year.


  20. Not our fault UT sucks so bad.

    Good teams take advantage of the times our rivals are down.


  21. Macallanlover

    Not a real bright guy based on those 2 comments. Who is he anyway, and no one cares what he thinks. Is a Big Bad 12 team really questioning our schedule with what they face both in, and OOC? This is his brain in drugs I suppose.

    I agree Mizzou wasn’t the greatest selection for an SEC spot but A&M was a home run selection. As a pair, better additions as a expansion than SC and Arky in 1992.


  22. Castleberry

    The biggest flaw is he’s not including a potential championship game opponent… That’s what sets the SEC apart. Look at all of the other P5 games and you’ll find unranked or low ranked opposition in the conference championship game.

    Case in point, look what we did to the team Oklahoma survived to win the Big 12.


  23. Tony Barnhart

    He starts with either a flaw or to intentionally mislead. When analyzing UGA’s schedule, you should always start with 9 spoken-for spots (8 SEC games and GA Tech). What does UGA do with the other 3 ? More often than not we have 1P5, 1G5, 1FCS……..not only are we the poster boys moving forward for competitive scheduling (so bad hot take), I’m not sure his take is even that accurate now. We usually always have games against 10 power 5 opponents….Ok, so a handful of teams have 11 a handful of years. Man, what an indictment ! !