Jamie Newman’s context

I’m not here to say what exactly Georgia is gonna get with its graduate transfer quarterback, only to say that what Todd Monken plans to do with Newman is likely to be vastly different from how Wake Forest deployed him.

In Wake Forest’s vertical passing scheme, 68.2% of Newman’s yards came at the point of the catch. Reminder, the highest clip among the nine SEC returning qualifiers was Jarrett Guarantano’s at 61.6%. Paired with the bombs away attitude, the Demon Deacons’ run game followed an extended mesh read scheme, which is rather peculiar to say the least. But, we aren’t here to dig into that chestnut. The point is, Newman was asked to shoulder quite a bit of Wake Forest’s run game. By the traditional volume stats, he accumulated the 14th most rush yards among D-1 quarterbacks. Furthermore, running the ball in a tiresome scheme paired with chucking it downfield at an insane clip rarely begat efficient numbers. Route tags were common off of these as 14.3% of Newman’s attempts were off RPOs. Screens were inexistent. Being winded from all the heavy lifting certainly played a toll in his numbers failing to take off. And as Wake Forest precipitously began to lose their best pass catchers to injury, Newman’s numbers remained unsatisfactory against his best opponents. Georgia will undoubtedly ask him to play differently. But there’s no denying those troubling stats against his hardest opponents.

How much of those 2019 stats can be attributed to scheme and how much to Newman is a question we don’t have an answer to.  But it goes without saying he won’t be utilized in a similar fashion this season, nor will Georgia’s offense be quarterback-centric to the same extent as Wake Forest’s was.

Here are some stats (via cfbstats.com) from last season to ponder:

  • Total plays:  Wake Forest 1055; Georgia 940
  • QB runs:  Newman 180; Fromm 38
  • QB throws:  Fromm 385; Newman 361
  • Percentage of total plays:  Newman 51.3%; Fromm 45%

In terms of rushing attempts, Jamie Newman was Wake’s leading rusher; Jake Fromm was Georgia’s fifth.  It’s pretty much a certainty that Newman won’t come anywhere near having the most rushing attempts on the team this year, which likely means a decline in total play percentage.

Will a better surrounding cast mean he’ll be a better quarterback?  We don’t know that.  What it will mean, though, is that he won’t have to shoulder nearly the same amount of the load as he did in 2019.  Hard to think that won’t help.


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10 responses to “Jamie Newman’s context

  1. Greg

    Looks promising….different offenses, different teammates, different coaches, different environment and competition.

    Let’s hope he will adjust.

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  2. All Fair – but will point out that this isn’t Wake Forest O-Line, Wake Forest Running Backs, Wake Forest Receivers and just as important, it isn’t Wake Forest Defense. Lord knows how many times he started well inside his twenty against better opposition.

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  3. The other Doug

    I looked up rushing attempts per game for a better comparison:

    Fromm 2.71
    Newman 15.00
    Burrow 7.67
    Fields 9.79
    Lawrence 6.87
    Trask 5.25 (the Heisman front runner has to be included)

    I think what Burrow did with his legs last season is perfect for UGA. He mostly passed and handed the ball off, but he burned defenses with a few timely runs. Defenses had to respect his legs.

    I wonder how the lack of a solid back up QB limited Fromm’s running and if we have the same issue this season.


    • ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

      Good point and A lot imo.
      We lose Fromm and we were not going to the Sugar Bowl.


    • mp

      The other great skill Burrow had was ability to shuffle in the pocket and buy more time for his receivers to separate. Tom Brady has it too, so you don’t need to be a running threat to do it.


  4. mddawg

    I wonder what the tempo of our offense will look like compared to Wake’s. The totals above are even more eye-popping when you consider that Wake Forest played in 13 games and UGA had 14. Their average plays per game was 81 compared to UGA’s 67.


  5. Uglydawg

    I’m very optimistic that Newman will lead the offense to a better level of performance. I’m also convinced that Monken will be a great schemer.
    If the Newman/Monken offense is even a moderate improvement over the 2019 down year that the Fromm/Coley enterprise accomplished, the offense should be pretty darn good to amazing.
    The caveat is IF Newman is a turn-over machine.
    That’s the one thing that worries me..but not too much. He’s got a lot of QB time under his belt.
    And the D should be awesome.


  6. Olddawg55

    This is not 2019 and it isn’t Wake Forest nor the ACC. It’s a whole new ball game for Newman and the Dawgs. He is a competent QB and is surrounded by SEC caliber players and directed by a quality OC and CKS. We will make out way as a talented and somewhat experienced team and will do quite well it not outstanding. Let’s just get it all started and get ready to enjoy a great season.


  7. Mayor

    After reading this I understand why Newman left Wake.