The quarterback whisperer

This is why they pay Gus Malzahn the big bucks.

It’s easy to see why every new Auburn quarterback is a Heisman contender before he throws his first pass.


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10 responses to “The quarterback whisperer

  1. 81Dog

    In defense of No Nix, that defender was open.

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  2. mddawg

    I was really hoping that this happened when they played the Gators so we could mock Grantham as well, but after watching the highlights (lowlights?) that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’d love to know which game it happened in though.


  3. Bigshot

    All I know is, I Hope AU continues to pay Gus so much money that they can’t afford to fire him.

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  4. Dawg19

    Why does Seth feel the need to put “accidentally”? Who puts 10 on defense on purpose?


  5. dawglicious

    I do not care for Auburn.


  6. That gives me good feels