Their best and brightest

They’re talking about letting replay officials work games virtually this season due to the coronavirus, which makes sense, given that replay officials are largely older, retired former on-field referees.  That’s not really what I want to highlight in this post.

This quote from Steve Shaw, on the other hand…

“Today, the model is you work on the field until you’re kind of at the part where you’re ‘used up,’ so to speak,” Shaw said. “Then you transition to replay.

That explains so much.


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8 responses to “Their best and brightest

  1. It doesn’t really matter if the replay officials are in the booth or in a remote center. They are just looking at a screen and need a method to buzz down to the field.

    On the topic at hand, only the best should be allowed to move to replay when their on-field days are past them. How Al Ford got another game much less a replay spot after the 1999 Fech game is still beyond me.

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  2. Harold Miller

    I think Agent Smith put is best in the Matrix when he said, “Penn Wagers is the most dangerous man alive.”


  3. Mick Jagger

    “Use Me” is also on Mick Jagger’s Wandering Spirit album (with an assist from Lenny Kravitz).


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    Saying the quiet part out loud…


  5. Macallanlover

    Shaw, perhaps the best living example of the Peter Principle; now doubly, publicly proven beyond reasonable doubt.