I’ll take “Whatever Mickey Says It Is” for $200, Alex.

Legitimacy questions?  What legitimacy questions?

When asked what constituted a legitimate playoff, CFP executive director Bill Hancock said, “Nobody has asked me that yet.”

But he didn’t say whether he’d asked that.  Or the people who pay him.  I’d be shocked if they haven’t already broached the subject with ESPN, though.  Not in the Casablanca sense, either.

If Disney strokes the check, there will be a college football playoff.  The money would sure be legitimate.


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14 responses to “I’ll take “Whatever Mickey Says It Is” for $200, Alex.

  1. 79Dawg

    Objection, non-responsive!


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    As you imply, there is a 1:1 correlation between the legitimacy of the playoff and the growth in net profits. Up to the point of a marginal loss. Then the play-off will become a crass devotion to Mammon.


  3. Union Jack

    It depends … if 2020 has less than a full complement of teams and the 2021 competition is about what 2019 looked like then there could be some people questioning the legitimacy. It might go for awhile. 40,50, 70 years in the future? No one will care and the memory will be a footnote.


    • No one talks about the legitimacy of the national champions crowned during 2 world wars. No one will care about who is crowned champion in a 1-year pandemic.


  4. 123fakest

    I just want to win the SEC.

    I am feeling more confident that the SEC will play it’s schedule with or without fans. The TV money alone is too much to pass up.

    The rest of the country? I can see Cali, Oregon, and other blue states canceling all sporting events, which will screw up the Playoff.

    If we can get to the SECC and win, well, I’ll declare the Dawgs National Champs.


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    As others have said, it will be so UGA to win a championship with an “*” attached this almost seems inevitable.


  6. UGA '97

    “The terms of the contract between ESPN & the CFP are confidential.” Yet “No as asked me that yet”. Not even ESPN. Hes now fired for breach of confidentiality.