So, this is what a decline looks like?

Technically speaking, I guess it is.


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6 responses to “So, this is what a decline looks like?

  1. Texas Dawg

    Nice problem to have. Hopefully we will have decades of decline that are just as impressive.


  2. TN Dawg

    The CDC estimates have Bama winning 2460 games this year.


  3. UGA '97

    The real decline of St Nick, besides the 2019 (no West, no SEC Champ & no CFP) is that he had ended 4 of the prior 6 seasons with a loss. 5 of 7 without a ring is not so Sabanesque.


  4. Saban ain’t got time for this decline shit….just ask him

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  5. siskey

    I don’t know if they are in decline now but they have to be at some point. What will it look like when it happens and what will happen as a result?


    • Mayor

      Bama will decline when Saban retires, maybe earlier if recruits start thinking he will and stop signing with Bama because of it. See Spurrier, Steve.

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