Today, in horseshit

Dial up this interview with North Carolina AD Bubba Cunningham to the 17:30 mark and tell me if his explanation of why he has a problem with college athletes monetizing their NIL makes a lick of sense.


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  1. josh hancher

    That was ridiculous. Embarrassing for the second oldest land grant university


  2. Castleberry

    Listened this am. Judge me if you must, but I love the Audible. I was sickened to hear Bubba explain the broader impact on college athletics. It’s like he’s holding all sports hostage to stall out NIL.

    I’d love to see AD’s get the same deal as athletes (tuition, room & board) until this all gets sorted. Pretty sure we’d have it solved in a week.


  3. SSB Charley

    He makes 3/4 of a million dollars running a department in the so-called educational model. If this educational model were such a tremendous concern, if not the primary concern, shouldn’t he be making less than 1/7th that amount? Again, why is it the concern of football and basketball players whether their labors support the educational opportunities of the country club sports? Why would NIL rights for those players affect those other sports? These athletic directors are making millions of dollars because the labor generating the revenue is unpaid (or underpaid), and they’re trying to make sure that those revenues are dedicated to their livelihoods instead of the players. The end. The idea that there is either an educational model or a professional model is a flawed distinction at a time when there are hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue coming into these places that wasn’t there 15 years ago.


    • spur21

      Somebody needs to explain to this dumb ass how allowing a player to monetize their social media presence takes money from the school. The schools aren’t getting any revenue from those sources now. This is more about control than $$$.


      • No shit. These morons cannot grasp the concept that not only will it not cost them anything, if Jake Fromm is wearing a UGA polo when Warner Robins Ford puts him on a billboard they are entitled to a cut of the deal. Win-win dummies!


      • Gaskilldawg

        They are afraid that Gaskilldawg Ford had a cap on how much it can spend on advertising using a UGA theme and if I paid Jake Fromm to pose in a truck ad that is less money available for me to pay to put Kirby Smart in an ad


        • Classic City Canine

          This is it.


          • Got Cowdog

            Actually I think once Gaskilldawg Ford’s Advertising Director realizes he gets the same or better mileage out of the starting QB flavor of the season for half the price?
            Kirby, Jimmy, and Greg might be sitting on the curb. With Jimmy of course texting with FotM’s Mama and Daddy…..


  4. UGA '97

    Can’t see his lips moving, but we know what that means. The NIL resistance is so pathetic, especially when their former basketball player MJ, the king of sports advertising, and his “Jumpman Logo” is now widespread on the jerseys of football players, coaches & staff throughout all of CFB. Schools gotta protect that sweet revenue, the ADs primary job.


  5. Classic City Canine

    The definition of a man who can’t understand something because his salary is dependent on him failing to understand it.


  6. Classic City Canine

    He got perilously close to saying “You make the money and we keep it.”


  7. Mayor

    In a word: No.


  8. jtp03

    Yep. It means Bulldog Club Matt Boreman’s calls go to voicemail.


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