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  1. Argondawg

    test everybody as they come on campus and then work from there.


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    It’s about time. A few data points:

    — 18-23 year olds have a better chance of being struck by lightning than they do to die from Covid
    –18-23 year olds are 150+ times more likely to die from murder or suicide than they are to die from Covid
    — If aged 50 or under, according to the latest CDC data released this morning, the common flu is more lethal than Covid
    — In my state, 57% of deaths have occurred in nursing homes; 42% nationwide. The nursing home population is .28% of the U.S. population. So, .28% of the population is responsible for 40%+ of U.S. deaths. Amazing, and this number should be far more publicized.

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    • Normaltown Mike

      Sadly, UGA hosts an event every spring where they remember students that died the prior year. Car accidents, drug OD’s and suicide are recurring issues with young people. Cancer less so but also not uncommon


    • spur21

      Thanks for the data points.


    • jtp03

      The R is still > 1, and until its less than that, extreme precautions should be in place for large groups of people. It is an extremely contagious disease that we don’t know an awful lot about, and don’t have a vaccine for.

      Also lightning and murder are not contagious.

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    • “18-23 year olds have a better chance of being struck by lightning than they do to die from Covid”

      This is such a misleading statement. You’re taking total number of 18-23yo deaths versus the total number of 18-23 year olds, but that’s stupid. Because transmission has been limited by CLOSING SCHOOLS and society at large.

      The case fatality rate for 18-23 year olds is accurately estimated at 0.1-0.2%. This means if an 18-23 year old in this country tests positive for COVID19 they have at least a 1 in 1,000 chance to die. The chances of getting struck by lightning are approximately 1 in 1,000,000. So, by your own measure, COVID19 is at least 1,000x a more potential danger to returning student athletes.

      Keep bringing out your numbers, man. I’ll keep pointing out how they don’t add up.

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      • ALSO,

        Suicide rate for age 20-24 is approximately .128 out of 1,000, so if you test positive for COVID19 you’re 10X more likely to die from it than suicide.

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      • Normaltown Mike

        “transmission has been limited by CLOSING SCHOOLS and society at large”

        hmmm. judging by the coeds jogging down Milledge and the frat parties, I’m not sure they got the memo.


      • ALSO, estimated flu case mortality rate for age 18-49 in the 2018-19 flue season was .021%…. I’m assuming it was even less than that for 18-23, but even taking this higher number .021% this means that if someone age 18-23 tests positive for COVID19 they are at least 5X more likely to die than if they show symptoms and/or test positive for a common flu strain.

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      • Dawg1

        Well, Pennsylvania has had more people die age 100+ than age 50-, so I think his stats are not misleading frankly.

        The avg age of covid death in the US is over the avg age of death in total.

        Lots of data points that this is an oldsters disease.


      • Gurkha Dawg

        Jared, your logic only works if all students who return to school test positive. So 3rd is right and you are wrong. Nice try though.


        • My assumption is based on two facts:

          1) SEC has indicated they WON’T be following a routine testing regimen, but rather only testing players already presenting symptoms, and

          2) players in close physical contact and spraying spit all over each other is a perfect recipe for transmission.

          We’ll have to wait and see, but I think the following is likely:

          The first player gets ill and tests positive, and by the time he does 1/2 of his team is also positive.

          Something that some of you (and many others) seem to fail to recognize is that the virus is most dangerous to the population (country) at large when the virus has an opportunity to spread while

          1) transmissions are/can not be tested for at a large scale in order to accurately track its spread and

          2) this continues for some period of time before anyone realizes the extend of the problem

          This leads to a mushroom effect, where by the time it’s clear there’s a problem it goes from 0-100 quickly because the majority of serious/at-risk infections are present already but not progressed to a critical, hospitalized state yet.

          This is why testing every day for athletes would probably be ideal. Twice per week should be the minimum.

          2) have


    • Lightning Bolt

      3rd&G: if basic data analysis, like the easy high school statistics variety, was a poll tax, your ass would disenfranchised.

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    • practicaldawg

      Has to be lower risk than the motor scooters Richt gave the players

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    • Biggen

      Agree on all points 3rdandGrantham.

      About god damn time.


    • PTC DAWG

      I need to sit down. 🙂

      The Senator might need a minute too.


  3. Check. As advertised.

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  4. ATL Dawg


    Summer semester is online only, which goes thru the end of July. But the unpaid labor needs to get back to work ASAP.

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    • Hobnail_Boot

      I don’t think you understand what the word “unpaid“ means. But carry on with your narrative.


      • ATL Dawg

        LOL…that’s your best attempt at defending this? Trying to squabble over whether unpaid is the most accurate description to use? Come on man. Ok, fine…severely underpaid.

        By the way, let me know when you convince the coaches, support staff, and administration to work for tuition and room/board.

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  5. Derek

    Go dawgs…. Be great. Be safe. Beat bammer.

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  6. JC

    Testing everyone would cut into profit margins.


  7. Bulldawg Bill

    Does anybody here realize that this is partially about developing what’s known as Herd Immunity? It’s understood, but not necessarily publicized that people are going to be infected no matter what you do. So since the overwhelming majority of cases will be asymptomatic or at worst mildly symptomatic for a few days, you basically let nature take it’s course and the “herd” develops its immunity. The old, infirm, and “co-morbid” are still isolated and excluded in this scenario. Same thing will happen on the field when competition begins. It will certainly happen in the stands if the fans are admitted.
    I believe this to be a microcosm of the strategy nationwide.

    Go ahead, have at me!


    • Napoleon BonerFart

      That’s when it was about flattening the curve. Now it’s about eliminating the curve. Until there is a vaccine, the world must come to a grinding halt. Is it saves a single life, it’s worth all the proles losing their jobs, their homes, and their dignity.

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      • Bulldawg Bill

        The elderly, infirm and co-morbid need protecting. The rest of us need to get back to living and working. The national, if not the world’s, economy can’t take much more of this.


  8. jarviscrowell

    Thank goodness, I’m all for it. Let’s get things rolling.
    Goal of flattening the curve was achieved, so let’s start getting back to normal


  9. Pedro

    I am all for reopening as long as everyone is aware it will lead to bad outcomes. Montgomery al is already out of icu beds one week into their reopening. There will be a Lot more places where we will see flattening turn to reacceleration.


  10. spur21

    It’s more than testing – it’s smart testing