No pressure, Jamie.

Jamie Newman’s offseason instructor isn’t sayin’.  He’s just sayin’, you know?

“I’m going to combine two guys because it’s not fair to compare him like to a Cam Newton because he was probably one of the best college players ever,” Avery said. “But I would put him as a blend between Jalen Hurts and Cam Newton right. Great runner, really physical. He’s got to be able to do some things in the throw game. I think. Right now he’s a little bit more polished going into his senior season, then where Jalen was but he’s gonna be able to do a lot of different things on and put a lot of stress on defenses.”

Meanwhile, from Pete Fiutak’s Alabama-Georgia game preview comes this:

Assuming it’s Jamie Newman taking over the Georgia quarterbacking job, will he be ready to be the best offensive player on the field? That’s what he might have to be to pull this off.

I think I liked it better when people were just looking at him as a darkhorse Heisman candidate.  I will say I don’t think he has to be the second coming of Cam for Georgia to have a successful season (although I won’t complain if he turns out to be all that and more).



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    That post raises the point that nobody knew much about Cam Newton at the beginning of the 2010 season. Wasn’t Gus his QB coach that year? Do we say that Cam hit his stride at just the right time, or give Gus much of the credit?
    Could Jamie Newman fall into place like that? Who would be our Nick Fairley?


    • That post raises the point that nobody knew much about Cam Newton at the beginning of the 2010 season.

      That explains why at least two SEC programs were throwing six-figure money at his dad to get him to transfer. 😉


      • WIll (the other one)

        He was a top JUCO QB, but I don’t know if anyone was expecting 1,400 yds rushing from him.


  2. Austin

    So is he supposed to start stealing laptops?


  3. Jim

    This is past the point of absurdity.

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  4. I think I would prefer either Cam or Jalen to Jamie at this point. Check back with me after Thanksgiving .

    Also, what defines a successful season? MNC? SEC? East? Beat FU and Tech?


    • Make it to Atlanta in December. Beat the Big 3 plus Tennessee. That’s my measure and has always been my measure. Everything on top of that is gravy.

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      • Having a bunch of w’s and zero l’s for the 2020 season (?)… meaning UGA won against the bammers in sept. and “Hello Newman” has been relatively successful under the direction of UGA’s offensive scheme…potentially facing roll tide again in the atl will be a tuff task, but will find where UGA’s staff is…


  5. What was the kid’s name that took over for Bama when Tua got hurt? He seemed to handle the team pretty well, and with an offseason under his belt….
    Oh wait.


  6. Tatum

    Does everyone think he’s playing for Auburn?


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Newman is not the prototypical UGA dropback passer. Are we gonna try to force him into that mold? Even Wake’s offense was different than anything we’ve seen in Athens. Is our O gonna look more like aubie or tOSU? I would guess so, because I’m doubtful we could pull off replicating Burrow and LSU.


    • WIll (the other one)

      If Monken takes some pages from Lincoln Riley (especially the past two seasons) that could really work.


  8. We all saw the trick throw into the hoop by the pool. I’ve seen all I need to see.

    Just give us the trophy.


  9. Mayor

    If Newman is the second coming of Cam Newton the O will have to be entirely different than what we’ve seen in Athens in the past. I don’t see that happening.


  10. bcdawg97

    If they just let him keep the ball 2-3 times a game, it will be a different looking offense from 2019.


  11. 123fakest

    I would like to see 4-10 carries for Newman every game. At least 4-5 of those dive/option plays.
    Our RBs will go for an extra 60 yards per game easily if that happens.
    Newman is a legitimate threat to run, and we haven’t seen that since Shockley.