“This is all hypothetical, a pipe dream, right?”

Sadly, yes.  Conference expansion has been an expensive boondoggle for the most part, but at least it’s got this going for it:

“There’s no secret that football runs the show,” Izzo-Brown said. “We all know that, and we embrace it.”


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2 responses to ““This is all hypothetical, a pipe dream, right?”

  1. Given the fact that the big conferences have their own networks, there’s no way Missouri plays in SEC for football and basketball and the Big 12 for everything else. Same for Maryland, Rutgers, and Nebraska in the B1G. The ADs made this bed when they started chasing the money.

    Should there be some sort of realignment in the Group of 5? Probably.

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    • W Cobb Dawg

      Yep, I could see that. The schools that generate the really big money may eventually tire of seeing those fat checks going to perpetual punching bags/laggards. Maybe a “cull” from the P5 down to the P4? I’m talking football of course.